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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Sep. 12th, 2010 02:47 am (UTC)
RT SashaMallory @TerranceDlibra see told ya... hayley is my future wife.. she just doesnt know it yet (link)

Prompt: Sasha has a thing for Hayley (from Paramore). Sasha fangirls Hayley at some kind of event (awards show performance? Festival?) and they hit it off. By the end of the night, they're married--your choice whether it's a dare, a joke, or totally sincere.
Sep. 12th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
please make this happen.
Sep. 12th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
Sequel: Tag, You're It 1/4
They’re in Phoenix when it happens again. Security’s got the crowd divided around the door – half on one side and half on the other – and barricaded to keep things from getting too hectic.

It’s a pretty good plan, considering that Adam’s out signing with them, and he comes out last, to have more time with the fans.

Tommy notices them when he’s about halfway down the line. They don’t exactly blend in – three guys standing in a group at the end, none of them wearing glitter or Adam shirts or anything to really come off as fans. They’re dressed in black sweaters, too, with the hoods pulled up over their heads, and it’s kind of. Strange.

To say the least.

But there’s a security guy like, three steps behind Tommy, four more behind Adam, plus Monte’s right behind him, so it’s not like he’s really worried anything’s gonna happen.

He gets to the end of the line, unease growing a little when he notices that there’s nothing in their hands to sign for him to sign, and then a burst of noise starts coming from behind him. It’s louder than the fans have been so far, which is weird.

He turns around, a little alarmed, and there’s this girl passed out on the ground. He meets Adam’s eyes, like he’s waiting for Adam to do something, but then the security guards are all rushing towards the girl, getting the crowd to back away, ordering each other around and generally taking care of the situation.

He’s in the middle of hoping that the girl’s okay when his feet get swept out from under him.

He makes a noise, but it’s not very loud, and he’s pretty sure no one hears him.

He makes a louder noise when they start moving, and lashes out with his feet, trying to kick the guy who’s got that end of him. He mostly fails, because whoever it is has a pretty good grip.

But seriously, who kidnaps someone like this? One guy’s got his arms, another one’s got his legs, and if they run any closer together they’re going to be dragging him along instead of carrying him. It just doesn’t seem very efficient.

He cranes his neck around, and from what he can tell, no one’s even noticed that Tommy’s being kidnapped again. They’re kind of crowded around the girl, and it finally occurs to him that she was probably just a distraction for them to be able to accomplish this.

So he screams. It’s not the most masculine sound he’s ever made, but seriously, this is getting kind of old. The first time it happened it was something new, it was kind of different, right? So it wasn’t that bad.

This time is more annoying than anything, especially because Adam’s gonna be really pissed at him for letting himself get picked up when he promised that he wouldn’t.

Adam’s head snaps up at his scream, and even from this distance Tommy can see his eyes widen. Tommy shrugs kind of helplessly and tries flailing again, but it doesn’t make any difference. The crowd is still getting farther away, and he’s still being carried.

Abruptly, the two guys come to a stop and Tommy’s set onto his feet rather violently. He stumbles a little, almost going to his knees, and gets his balance just in time to be swung over a third guy’s shoulder.

He’s gotta give them credit for being organized – it’s a way better kidnapping effort than the last time. It’s not like he’s going anywhere in this position either, not with the way the guy’s got his arm tight over the back of Tommy’s thighs, so he just kind of shrugs to himself and grabs onto the back of the guy’s belt. Knowing his luck the guy’s gonna drop him onto his head, so he really wants to avoid that.

He manages to get his head up enough to see a bunch of people chasing after them, but by the looks of it, the two guys that were originally carrying him have split.

Adam’s in the crowd chasing after them, along with all of the security guards and quite a few of the fans, but it’s actually Neil in the lead.

Probably he just doesn’t want to be screamed at later, but seriously, who knew the guy could run so fast? Jesus.

He lets his head drop back down and watches as the pavement goes by. The guy doesn’t seem to be running very fast, and he wonders why no one’s caught up to them yet.
Sep. 12th, 2010 05:01 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: Tag, You're It 2/4
Then he’s being handed off to yet another person, bridal style this time, so he can actually see what’s going on. They turn a few corners, which must confuse people, because it doesn’t even seem like anyone’s following them anymore – there are just people staring at them going by in the street, wide-eyed.

Tommy resists the urge to wave, because that will only make it seem like this is consensual, and it really isn’t. It’s just a bad idea all around.

It isn’t until after he’s been switched three more times and they’ve made lots of turns that he sees the van waiting, side door open, at the end of the street.

And shit gets real serious real fast.

No one’s caught up to them yet, so if Tommy actually wants to avoid being kidnapped he’s gonna have to save himself, otherwise this guy is gonna put him in that van and who knows what’s gonna happen after that.

So he does the only thing he can think of, which is to twist the guy’s nipple.


He doesn’t really know what he was expecting to happen, but the guy actually dropping him isn’t it.

It couldn’t have hurt that much, right?

But Tommy’s not gonna complain, so he scrambles to his feet and takes all of three steps before the guy’s got a grip on him again, and this time he can actually feel the panic rising in the back of his throat, because this guy is a lot bigger than him, and bigger usually equals stronger.

He forces the panic back down and reminds himself that he used to be in metal bands that started fights in the alleys behind the shitty bars they used to play in, and jams his elbow back as hard as he can.

It works, kind of – it gets the guy in the stomach, which makes his lose his breath, but it also causes him to pitch forward and crush Tommy into the wall in front of them. And then the guy’s yelling at his friends to help him, so Tommy does it again, trying to squirm his way out from beneath two hundred plus pounds.

It’s as hard as it sounds, but Tommy’s always been a scrappy motherfucker, so he eels his way out in a couple of seconds and manages to punch the guy in his face, sending his head snapping backwards.

That only serves to piss him off, though, and he hits Tommy back, harder than really necessary, and Tommy grunts, hand flying up to his mouth.

His fingers come back bloody. He stares at them for a second, but it’s enough of a distraction for the guy to be able to knock him to the ground, and then they’re rolling around like a couple of kids in grade school, having a fight on the playground.

He’s on the bottom, but he’s punching the guy in the neck repeatedly when the guy gets yanked off of him, and he’s left blinking up into the sun. He rolls over and sees the guy getting pounded by Neil – and yeah, Neil definitely doesn’t want to be yelled at later.

He’s just sitting up when Adam falls to his knees beside him and yanks him into a brutal hug, clutching Tommy as tight as physically possible. Tommy loses sight of everything but the material of Adam’s shirt and by the time he gets free, Neil’s been pulled off the guy by Sasha – and he really doesn’t know where she came from – and the security guards have finally caught up.

It’s a little surreal. Adam’s talking to him, but he can barely hear anything over the pounding of blood in his ears.

So maybe he’s a little more affected by this than he thought he was.

Adam grabs his face between his hands, forcing Tommy to look at him, and all the sound comes crashing back in. The guy’s spitting curses at the security guards, Sasha’s giving Neil a verbal smackdown for punching the shit out of the guy, and there’s the sound of sirens wailing in the distance.

“Are you okay?” Adam’s asking, and Tommy blinks at him. He’s got blood on his jaw – probably Tommy’s, so Tommy reaches up and tries to wipe it off.

“They wanted to put me in the van,” Tommy says finally, wiping his hand on his jeans. He only made the blood smear, and now Adam’s jaw is all red.

“I know,” Adam says, wiping at Tommy’s mouth with his shirt sleeve. Tommy lets him, tucking his fingers into Adam’s belt loops. Let them try to take him away now.
Sep. 12th, 2010 05:02 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: Tag, You're It 3/4
By the time the cops actually get there, Tommy’s feeling fine again. The shock has worn off, and now he’s mostly pissed that more guys tried to take off with him.

He’s also kind of pissed off at the way that Adam hasn’t let him get more than three feet away, but there’s really nothing he can do about that. He promised it wouldn’t happen again, and it did, so.

When the cop asks him if he wants to press charges, he says no at the same time that Adam says yes. Adam shoots him the most betrayed look he’s ever seen, but the cop has to listen to Tommy, and eventually he manages to convince the guy that he means it and they’re free to go.

He’s put onto Adam’s bus, of course, but no one really expected any different.

They’ve been in Adam’s room on the bus for two hours, and Tommy’s still waiting for the explosion. He can practically feel it coming – god knows Adam is tense enough.

“Adam,” he says hesitantly.

“Two security guards every time you go out,” Adam says abruptly. “Even if it’s just to get coffee. Four if it’s to sign. One to follow you around when you wander around backstage. Always have your phone with you. I’m gonna have someone put some kind of tracking device in it so we’ll always know where you are. Call me every ten minutes if you’re not on the bus or in a hotel room and I’m not with you. If I’m not gonna be able to answer, Neil will either be with you or you’ll have to call him.”

Tommy listens to the list of demands incredulously. “Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” he asks.

Adam levels a seriously impressive glare at him. “They were about to put you into a car, Tommy. Who knows where the fuck you would’ve ended up?”

He’s kind of got a point, so. “One security guard, regardless of where I’m going, and I’ll call you when I get somewhere and when I’m leaving.”

Adam’s glare intensifies. “No.”

Obviously he’s gonna have to do this the hard way. He slides himself under Adam’s arm carefully, bringing his feet up onto the bed beside him. “I got free, didn’t I?” Tommy asks.

“You got punched in the face, Tommy,” Adam says. “And you were trapped underneath a guy that was twice your size. It was luck that you managed to get out. Luck, that’s it, and I don’t fucking want you to get into that situation again, so two security guards. At the very least.”

It’s getting ridiculous, so Tommy climbs into Adam’s lap and wraps his arms around his neck. Adam’s arms wrap around Tommy’s back immediately, clutching him close. “You’re not gonna let this go until I agree, are you?” Tommy asks, resting his head on Adam’s shoulder.

“No, I’m really not,” Adam says, pulling on Tommy’s left thigh until Tommy’s ass lands on top of his crotch.

“So two guys, huh?” Tommy asks.

Adam sighs heavily. “At least.”

“You have to be quiet,” Adam hisses, smacking Tommy’s hand away from his dick.

“I’m always quiet,” Tommy answers, wiggling his fingers on the sheets. He’s considering going for Adam’s dick again, but Adam was really freaked out earlier, so he doesn’t. This is his show.

Adam laughs, spilling lube out onto his fingers. “You’re never quiet,” he says, but it’s not reprimanding anymore. Tommy turns his head a little and smiles to himself. So Adam’s overly paranoid and he thinks someone’s gonna actually manage to kidnap Tommy. Tommy will just indulge him for a while until his paranoia wears off.

“I’m quiet all the time,” he says as Adam stretches him with two fingers, not slow but still careful.

Some part of Adam thinks that Tommy’s his to take care of, Tommy knows, but he appreciates how careful Adam’s being all the same. He’s still not really used to getting fucked, and it doesn’t hurt, exactly, but it can be overwhelming at first, until his body gets used to the feeling again.

“You’re really not,” Adam says, catching his mouth in a kiss. Tommy forgets what he was going to say in the onslaught of tongue, but that’s okay. It’s for a good cause.

Adam only pulls away long enough to roll the condom onto his dick and spread a little lube over it, and then he’s kissing Tommy again as he eases into him.
Sep. 12th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: Tag, You're It 4/4
Tommy’s used to the stretch by now, but he still holds his breath until Adam’s all the way in, and just like every other time he’s done it, Adam laughs into his mouth a little, one hand cupping the back of Tommy’s head and the other spread out across his hip.

“See? Quiet,” Tommy manages a couple minutes later, hanging onto Adam’s shoulders while Adam fucks him in slow, steady strokes.

Adam laughs again, and Tommy feels that warm little glow inside his chest expanding. “Baby, you’re making so much noise right now no one’s gonna be able to look you in the eye in the morning,” Adam says, dragging his thumbnail over Tommy’s hip bone as he reaches for his cock.

“I am not,” Tommy protests, but even he realizes that it’s kind of loud. Adam kisses the corner of his mouth, fingers curling around his cock, and the noise that Tommy makes in response is even louder.

So maybe Adam’s right about him being loud. Whatever. Everyone else is just gonna have to deal with it.

“Mm,” is the only response Adam makes, and then he’s lifting Tommy’s hips a little, which wow, makes the angle so much better. It turns his thrusts crazy good, hitting that shivery spot inside of him, and Tommy’s eyes slide closed. The pleasure is almost overwhelming, so it’s really no surprise that he starts coming a minute later.

He misses Adam coming, caught up in the haze of his own orgasm, but he registers Adam pulling out and tossing the condom somewhere. He makes an impatient noise, and Adam settles down beside him, curling one arm over his stomach.

“So how awesome was I when I punched that guy in the face?” Tommy asks.

Adam’s answering laugh is exasperated and full of love.
Sep. 12th, 2010 05:29 am (UTC)
Sailing All Alone...
Alright... this is where this took me... I may add to it (by add to it.. i mean add porn :D )and post it on my LJ... We will see... hope this works for you


Finally he was alone… He felt it in the pit of his stomach, the ache, the pain. He had to do this, it was the only thing that made him feel good, when he saw the marks, the red line of blood, he felt at peace, like everything was alright.

All of the people, the fans, the parties, it was so much, much more than he ever thought, in such a short time. Less than a year ago he was just a guy, who answered phones during the day and played speed metal on the weekends, and now?? He was the second half of an imaginary couple, the bass player for a rapidly rising pop star, and he was so alone.

Looking down at the blade in his hand, he smiled. He had begged off going out with everyone, claiming he was tired. Now he sat alone, holding a razor thinking about the pain that will go away when he makes that first mark. Setting the blade on the table he pulled his hoodie off and tugged off the gloves he recently started wearing. Glancing down at the healing cuts, he ran a finger over one and smiled lightly, yeah he was going to feel so much better soon. Picking up the razor, he set it against the skin of his forearm in between his tattoos, and pressed down, the sharp pain making him tingle, the cool feeling of the blood running over his skin, taking all the pain away. So lost in the high, he didn’t hear the door open, or hear it slam shut.

“What the FUCK??”

Blinking rapidly, he grabbed the towel and pressed it over his arm. Looking up he saw a very angry Adam, striding across the room. “Adam… I… Umm, thought you were with everyone else.”

“I was, but I got worried about you… seems like I was right. What the fuck Tommy?? What’re you doing?” Adam asked as he pulled Tommy to his feet by the arm, ripping the towel off, getting his first look at the marks. Anger boiled to the surface, why was he doing this? Why would he hurt himself this way?

Pulling his arm out of Adam’s grip, Tommy turned and tucked his razor away. He couldn’t let Adam take it. “It’s nothing, Adam. Don’t worry about it… I can handle it.” Turning his back he grabbed the gauze and wrapped it around his arm, refusing to look at Adam. If he looked up at him, he knew what he would see, anger, maybe sadness, pity.

“Tommy, what do you mean it’s nothing?? You’re cutting yourself!!! That’s a big deal! What’s going on? Why?” Adam asked as he grabbed Tommy by the arms again, forcing him to stare at their feet. Grabbing Tommy’s chin, Adam forced him to look up in his eyes. “Don’t look away from me, I want answers Tommy”

“I…” Tommy said as he tried to twist out of Adam’s iron grip. How was he supposed to explain it? That when he cut himself it felt like all his pain and all the worry just drain away with the blood. Standing here with Adam looking at him like this, he needed to cut again, needed to make this bleed out. “I… Damn it Adam! Why do you make me feel?? I don’t want to feel anything!! Then you come along and make me feel everything!”
Sep. 12th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
Re: Sailing All Alone... (2)
Blinking down at large brown eyes, Adam tried to comprehend what he was saying, He made him feel? What did that mean? How did he make him feel?? Why did he want to be numb in the first place? Making a decision he never thought he would, Adam put his hand out. “Give me your arm…”

Shaking his head, Tommy turned his arm away, but Adam was too fast. Grabbing him hard by the wrist, he pulled so he could get his free hand on the gauze wrapped around Tommy’s arm. Pulling it free, he saw it was still bleeding. “Explain this to me Tommy! Explain the cutting! Why?”

Shaking his head, Tommy tried to pull his arm away, squirming against the much stronger man. “Adam, let me go. I’m not…” Struggling, he shoved against Adam’s chest. This was his, he didn’t need anyone else to know. “Just… the stress. It makes it better.”

“Cutting? You’re cut yourself to relieve stress?? What the fuck??” Adam said as he looked down at Tommy’s still bleeding arm, swallowing, he ran a finger through the thin streak of blood. “You could really hurt yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.”

“I’m not gonna hurt myself, Adam. I know what I’m doing, please let me go…” Tommy said softly as he watched Adam trace the cut, his finger sliding through the blood, slicking his skin, making his breath come in sharp bursts.

“What’s so stressful that you need to do this?” Adam asked as he watched his fingers trace through the blood, running over the scars he could see. He felt himself getting hard as he let his fingers slide over Tommy’s soft skin. He wanted, wanted to taste the salt of his skin, the gloss on his lips, fuck he even wanted to run his tongue over the slash on his arm, to taste him, all of him.

“Everything Adam, fuck a year ago I was just a regular guy. Now…” Tommy said as he waved his arm at the room. The sheer magnitude of everything was bearing down on him like a truck. The fact that one wrong move and he could fuck up the best thing that had ever happened to him, his hand twitched at the sudden urge to cut. “Adam, I need… please let me go”

“You’re going to cut aren’t you?” Adam accused as his hand snaked into Tommy’s pocket, yes he had seen the blonde slip the razor in his pocket, he wasn’t blind, pulling it out, he waved it in Tommy’s face. He saw the fear in Tommy’s eyes, blowing out a breath, he sat pulling the smaller man with him. Pushing his hair behind his ear, he turned Tommy’s face so he could look at him, slipping the blade into his hand. “Let me watch”

“You…but…” Tommy stared at the blade in his hand, the overwhelming need making him shake, but the thought of Adam watching made him hesitate. He felt Adam’s hand cover his, pushing it closer to unmarked skin, gasping he felt it make contact, glancing once at Adam he saw how intent he was, pulling lightly across his arm. Shuddering at the feeling of the blade cutting through his skin, he let his head fall back on Adam’s shoulder, his eyes closed as he breathed out, biting his bottom lip. “Fuck, Adam…”

Turning to look at the limp man in his arms, Adam let the blade fall to the floor, he dragged a finger over the cut. The warm blood smeared under his finger, he could feel it welling up in the cut, Tommy’s pulse beating steadily, his breathing short and slightly rapid. Reaching over to the table, he grabbed the roll of gauze, and quickly wrapped up both cuts. “Come on baby, gotta stand up.”

“Why?” Tommy asked as his words slurred. Never before had cutting felt like that, usually it was a quick release, but this… it was… different. Maybe it was because it was Adam, whatever it was the high from it was lasting longer, but there was something running under it, something that made his skin feel tight. He felt Adam tug at his shirt, getting him to lift his arms so he could pull it off. He fell limp against Adam’s solid chest, his body heat making Tommy shiver slightly and snuggle closer. He felt Adam put his hands on his hips.

Sep. 12th, 2010 05:31 am (UTC)
Re: Sailing All Alone... (3)
“Come on baby, you gotta let me help you here. Then you can crawl in bed ok?” Adam said as he slid Tommy’s jeans over his hips and helped him step out of them and walk to the bed. Tucking the tiny body under the blankets, Adam bent and picked up the razor off the floor. Turning back he saw Tommy watching him through half closed eyes. “Are there anymore razors, Tommy?”

“No. Just that one.” Tommy whispered as he watched Adam slide it in his pocket. He felt the tears burn behind his eyes. A warm hand touched his cheek as he looked up.

“Tommy, promise me, when it gets too tough, come to me, ok? Don’t do this anymore” Adam said as he rubbed his thumb along Tommy’s cheek. Leaning into the hand, Tommy nodded softly. He wanted to feel like this all the time. “Alright, I’m going to my room ok? I am just next door, if you need me”

He turned over and burrowed in the blankets, closing his eyes he heard Adam turn off the light and go to his room.

It seemed like hours later when Tommy groaned and rolled over. His arm throbbed, and his head was swimming. He slowly sat up and looked around the room, he could see his clothes on the chair, he looked down at his arm, the gauze stark white in the dark. Pressing his fingers over where he knew the cuts were, he moaned softly. Slipping out of the bed, he went over to his bag, he was lying when he told Adam that was the only razor. Reaching in his bag, he gasped and flipped the light on, dumping the bag on the floor. “What the…” Digging through the pile of clothes and cosmetics he didn’t hear the dividing door open.

“Looking for something?”

“Adam… I…” Tommy said as he sat on the bed, his head in his hands. He felt Adam sit next to him and slide an arm around his shoulders. He felt the smaller man start shaking as silent sobs wracked his body.

“Come on, you’re coming back to my room.” Adam said as he pulled him to his feet. Tucking him close to his side, they walked into his room. “Go on baby, get in my bed.”

“Are you gonna sleep with me?” Tommy asked softly as he crawled into the large bed, curling into the pillow he buried his face in it. It smelled like Adam, he got that feeling again, the one he got when he cut... He didn’t need to cut when Adam was around, “Please, Adam”

“Alright, scoot over” Adam said climbing in next to Tommy. Settling in, he felt Tommy crawl up next to him, toss a leg over his hips and tucked himself tight against his chest. Wrapping an arm over his shoulders, he pulled him in tight and pressed a kiss to his head. “Go to sleep baby, we will talk in the morning.”

Tommy sighed and closed his eyes, he found his new high… breathing in Adam’s scent, he felt light headed, his skin felt tight. Smiling, he felt himself drift off to sleep, stress nowhere to be found.
Sep. 12th, 2010 06:03 am (UTC)
Pandora Boxx (from RuPaul's Drag Race) has mentioned being a fan of Adam and how

Adam/Pandora. Anything else is up to you, but Pandora's skirt's gotta stay on ;)
Sep. 12th, 2010 06:04 am (UTC)
how he's gonna see him one day^ I forgot the whole tweet but you get the point.
Sep. 12th, 2010 08:07 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: Tag, You're It 4/4
Loved it! TY :)
Sep. 12th, 2010 09:20 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: Tag, You're It 4/4
Loved it so much!!
Thanks!! \o/
Sep. 12th, 2010 10:23 am (UTC)
humm... yes, please.
Sep. 12th, 2010 10:33 am (UTC)
Fill: one night in Berlin
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