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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Aug. 31st, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED: auctioned!sub!Tommy/Dom!Adam - 2/2
um. i think you just got me pregnant.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (1)
It’s the middle of the night. Tommy is laying on what might have once been a very expensive Oriental Rug, before someone laid it on the ground in the middle of the desert. The rug covers the floor of an enormous geodesic dome built of shining copper, covered with shade-cloth and desert dust. Far away, he imagines that he can see the flickering lights of Black Rock City, moving like fireflies and barely visible through the thin material as a sand storm rages outside. He can feel Brooke’s warm breath where her head lays on his stomach, and Adam's heat beside him. Hell, it's like the whole damn place -- the whole fucking desert -- is breathing around him, breathing and heaving and screaming with the wind.
Or, actually, that might be the drugs.
Tommy doesn't really remember what they took. It was 2-CT-5-MEO-Oxy-something. Some damn thing that a friend of a friend of Adam's had cooked up in a lab outside of Encino. Whatever it was, it was so new that it wasn't even illegal yet - which Adam had taken pains to point out in the ersatz safety lecture he insisted before handing over the pills and cracking a bottle of water to wash them down.
The drug had crept insidiously up on them as they ranged across the playa, the tendrils of awareness creeping up his back and making his skin shiver.He could feel it sliding around in him, creeping up his spine and into his brainstem, activating something elemental and deep and old. They'd walked together, the whole group of them, through the wildness of the burn, meeting and parting as they ebbed and flowed around groups, around people and things so wild and wonderful that Tommy couldn’t tell whether they were real or hallucinations. They moved like one organism, one thing with many bodies. It's the feeling he has on stage some times, when the music is pouring through him it's "one of those nights" and it feels like he can fly. But this time the feeling lasts and lasts and lasts for what seems like days of laughing and smiling and that full feeling in his heart as they wander away from the heart of the city out into the dark open desert. The lights of Black Rock City are behind them, as they wander, stumbling over and around art installations that are half real and half the hallucinatory ramblings of their drug-addled minds.
Sasha feels the shift in the wind first, looks up and sees the wall of dust racing toward them. "Shit, guys. Sandstorm." and for a moment, it's the funniest damn thing that he's ever heard. They're rolling on the ground laughing as the wind picks up, as Sutan's boa goes flying off into the distance and it blows Adam's hair into abstract shapes like something out eighties MTV.
"Fuck." Tommy says, catching his breath after a fit of the giggles. "We'd probably better find some inside."
"That sounds dirty, baby". Adam says, as he takes Tommy's arm to pull him up. They all stumble together, tripping over feet and bumping into one another, looking for shelter. There out pretty far from the Man here, but not out into the wild desert yet -- not past the 'Matter Out Of Place' fence, at least, so there are still stray art installations scattered about. The first two that they find that look like they could be a shelter from the storm turn out to be hallucinations - melting away into reality once they come close enough to touch, leaving either open desert or something worlds away from what had been there a moment before.
And then, they find the dome. Sutan, who is by far the most sober person present, pulls out a mini-flashlight, and he runs the beam over the entrance. It gleams off the copper, still bright after almost a whole week in the desert, and the colorful paint over the door that says "In Xanadu did Kubla-Khan a Stately Pleasure Dome Decree." Inside, the flashlight shows a dome fit for a pasha. Or at least, Tommy is having hallucinations to that effect. The floor of the dome is covered in carpets, and the walls are stacked with pillows and blankets, everything in warm colors of spice and jewels and looking so soft in the dim light. The way the light gleams through the burlap seems to be tinged with gold in the dim space.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (2)
For a moment they all stand there, catching their breath from the laughter and the run and the dust before exploring, pulling the cushions and blankets into an enormous pile in the center of the space. It seems like the perfect atmosphere for a pillow fight and Tommy momentarily contemplates starting one, but he's feeling slow and sweet, a lassitude creeping up on him like being buried in honey. He lays back on the pillows, raising his legs to pull his boots off and feels Adam slot himself in next to him.
Adam's body is warm, and his presence sends shivers down Tommy's skin. The body load of the drug is hitting him now, making everything tingle and making his skin feel soft and permeable, and everything looks so quiet and inviting.Terrance lets the flap covering the door fall closed behind them, cutting the noise of the wind from a scream to a murmur. He lays back on a pillow, watches everyone move around, their bodies flickering in an eerie light that he wonders if is real, or all in his mind.
"Man, this place is like… made for an Orgy." Brooke says, laying her head down on Tommy's belly.

"Too bad no one thought to pack the condoms." Terrance says, settling in on a cushion at Adam and Tommy's feet.

"Guys?" Sasha says from the edge of the dome. "I don't think that's going to be a problem." Tommy turns to look at her as she pulls two plastic bins out of a pile of pillows and blankets. She brings them over, opening the top so that they can see inside. One bin is full of various condoms, in a riot of colors, and little packets of lube. The other is brimming over with airplane-sized bottles of liquor and a baggie of weed and rolling papers.

He turns to Adam, who is smirking. "Quite the stately pleasure dome..." he says, smiling at the rest of them. And then he reaches out with a gloved hand and pulls Sasha in for a deep kiss.

They're a handsy bunch, even off stage but this... this has intent. He swallows hard, watching them, watching Sasha's surprise. It feels weird to see Adam kissing a girl, but Sasha is family - glamily, maybe - so that makes it okay. After all, they'd made it through the entire tour together -- cris-crossing the USA, and then on to the whirl-wind of Asia, in and out of hotels until he could only tell what country he was in or what day it was by the GPS on his cellphone. Europe had started to feel like an endless grind, show after show, alive only on stage, then falling into bed so bone-deep exhausted that they had hardly noticed where they were until it was time to wake up and do it again.  And now here they are, in the middle of the wildness of the desert and the abandon of the burn, cuddled together like an enormous pile of kittens, because none of them were really sure if they were ready for it all to be over. And maybe this is just kind of a part of that. 

Adam and Sasha kiss for long moments before she pulls away from him, laughing. Tommy can feel Brooke rolling over, her head pressing into the softness of his belly as she turns, and beckons to Cam, who crawls over and bends down to meet Brooke's mouth, her weight pushing Brooke’s head heavy into the flesh of Tommy’s belly. He's wearing almost nothing, and the pressure of Brooke's body is teasing along the edge of his hip-bones, sparking across his drug-sensitized skin. He feels himself getting hard in his shorts. Their kiss goes on and he watches them push closer to one another, hands slipping under shirts, looking for skin, and he tries to sit up and scoot back, thinking about giving them more room, getting out of their way. He’s seen Brooke and Cam kiss before, but never this close. Never with this air of invitation in it, and goddamn is that hot.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (3)
Cam's got a huge smile on her face, her eyes dazed and hungry as she pulls back away from Brooke. "Where d'you think you're going, Tommy Jo?" She asks. 

He raises his eyebrow, looking from her to Brooke, whose fingers are sneaking up Cam's shirt, cupping her breast and playing over the nipple. Cam twists her head to smile up at him. "Yeah, c'mon, Tommy. Join us. You keep saying that you like girls."

He stops himself from glancing over his shoulder at Adam, still a heavy and hot presence behind him. He doesn't need Adam's permission for this, giving in and letting Brooke pull him forward into a kiss. She bends to him, her mouth hot and sweet over his. So small, compared to Adam, and he doesn't remember -- with the crazy tour and the confusion that's been building in his head -- when the last time was that he kissed a girl like he means it. He's just licking his way inside, when he feels hands on his shoulders. He goes where he's pulled and he's being kissed again. Another warm, soft, sweet mouth -- lush and slicked with cherry lipgloss. Cam. Everything is starting to roll like a fun house mirror and glow like a carnival, and he closes his eyes and just goes with all the touch -- with hands ranging all over him, small and rough, pushing him this way and that way between their two mouths. He hears a moan, and feels teeth at his shoulder, bigger hands across his belly, pulling him back and down.

He goes with them, feeling the carpet below him and the chill of the air where he'd been pressed up against bodies a moment before. He can feel heat behind him and knows, even half-out of his mind like he is, that it must be Adam. Then Cam is crouching at his side, her mouth on his as he feels a different set of hands ranging down his chest to curl at the waistband of his shorts. He's not wearing much - none of them are, given the heat and the sun and the abandon of the burn - so it a matter of a moment for Sasha to slip her hand inside his shorts, where he's half hard already. He moans into Cam's mouth, as Brooke's hand curls around him and half hears his moan echoed from behind him, deep and sweet in a voice that he would know anywhere.


Cam's hands are holding him down, as Brooke slides his shorts down his legs. They're giggling together, kissing wet and sweet over him. He turns his head, and saw Adam next to him, laying back on cushions like some sort of Oriental emperor. His head is thrown back, his black hair tangled over the pillow and his throat bared. His shirt is hiked up to his ribs, and the rhinestones are catching the low red light, glowing against the paleness of his skin. His pants are open, pulled open and down his hips to frame his cock. Tommy can see, even in the dim light, the trail of red-gold hair leading down Adam's belly. Terrance is bending down, his hands curling over Adam's belly and chest and teasing at the head of his dick. He can see Adam close his eyes and hear the hiss of his breath as Terrance sucks him down.

God, he's jealous. Envy curdles in his belly, dark and ugly. It's been haunting him on and off since Adam had decided to turn up the heat on their onstage games and the unspoken off-stage push-me pull-me tension that fueled them. He thinks back to his audition, how he had wanted to distinguish himself from the hundred other guys standing around the auditorium, and then seeing Adam in person and thinking "Yeah. You? I would let you do just about anything to me." He means it, now and then. He thinks he's always meant it and that this realization, with his blood running with the rush of adrenalin and heat and nameless chemicals, was what all of this was leading up to. Because right at this moment, he wants it to be him with his mouth full of cock, him tasting the salt and sweet of Adam's skin.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:12 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (4)
But Brooke's hands are on his cock, cool against the hot of his skin, and he can see Cam handing a condom to her over he shoulder. “Okay?” Cam asks, briefly. Fuck yeah, Tommy thinks, before he nods. He feels the constriction of the condom only a second before he feels the rich, wet heat of Brooke’s cunt sink over him. He hears her whimper, and hears Cam gasp and urge her on, telling her how hot she is and how damn good they look together as she takes up a rough rhythm, riding him hard and hungry. He won't come like this -- between the maddening lack of leverage and the drug licking it's way across his neurons, he's not sure he actually can come, but it's so hot and sweet and good, that it almost doesn't matter. He lays back and takes it -- the rock of Brooke’s's hips against his, the heat of Cam's hands on her body as they rub her clit and bump against where they're joined, and the sweet whimpering sounds they're both making.

He catches sight of Adam out of the corner of his eye. Terrance and Sutan are kissing over his shoulder, as one of their hands jacks his cock. But he only has eyes for Tommy. He can feel the heaviness of Adam’s gaze, just as sweet and hot as Brooke’s hips rolling against him. And in a moment of drug fueled clarity, he can almost tell what Adam is thinking. He can see the connections zipping between them, see Adam putting the pieces together — this is what Tommy looks like when he fucks. And this is what Tommy looks like on stage. He can see the hunger spike in Adam’s eyes, drilling into his own. It so much - too much - and he closes his eyes, concentrating on Brooke and Cam in front of him.

He clenches his hands around Brooke’s narrow hips, and can feel her rhythm stutter, see her throw her head back and moan as Cam sucks and bites at her neck from behind. And then he can feel her coming all around him, tight shivers of her muscles against his cock, and fuck... He wants to get off.He’s so fucking hard, so fucking hungry for it, he might die if he doesn’t. And then Adam is there, all in a moment... pressed up against his side, his hands skating over Tommy's sweat-drenched skin as he fights for his orgasm. "That's it, baby..." he says, his voice low and deep. "I wanna see you come apart. I wanna see you come, Tommy...." he's dizzy with arousal and frustration and whatever collection of tryptomines is tap-dancing through his veins. He feels Brooke move, coming up off his still-hard cock and collapsing back into Cam's arms. He sees them kissing, sees Cam push her over backwards and press her knees apart, diving into the wet mess that is her pussy. He can hear Sutan and Sasha moving around at his feet, the wind whipping around the dome, the soft slap and slide of skin, but it all seems so far away compared to the rough touch of Adam's hands, curling around him, stripping the condom off and jacking his cock -- rough and tight and so sweet, the way girls never manage and a guy would instinctively know.

God it's good, it's too good... it's so sweet, he's not sure he can come, not sure he wants to let this be over. There are sounds coming out of his mouth that he doesn't recognize, whines and cries that he turns toward Adam, trying to bury himself in his skin as Adam’s hand moves and his orgasm comes through him like fire and flame. The world goes away for a long while -- narrowing to nothing but Adam's body interlaced with his, so close that Tommy isn't sure where he ends and Adam begins, buried in scent that is touch and touch that is taste and everywhere the unbelievable and utterly overwhelming feeling of home.

"God, so hot watching you..." Adam says, long moments later, as Tommy drifts back to himself. He is stroking over his back, arm wrapping around his shoulder and fingers brushing across his belly. "Seeing you like that."

He shouldn't be doing this. Fuck, he really shouldn't be doing this. He can feel Adam's hot cock against him Adam pulls his body closer. He shouldn't be letting Adam open him up and break him down with everyone else on the fucking tour right here and watching, with a front row seat for how straight Tommy suddenly isn't.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:13 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (5)
But fuck. They're his family. He’s never been closer with anyone than he is with these people, never felt safer and more loved and accepted than he does right now. They've spent the last nineteen months on a tour bus together or in a studio together and there hasn’t been any room for modesty or secrets between them in a long-ass time. Not that he can imagine that how much he wants this is a secret from anyone at this point. Adam has kissed him in front of hundreds of thousands of people by now -- people who can see how he reacts to it, the way he goes boneless and hot and hungry-eyed under Adam’s hands, even if Adam can’t manage to see. The only person he'd been keeping the secret from was himself, and that's blown all to hell now.

"Please." Tommy says quietly, pressing his body into Adam's cock. "Please?"

"Baby..." Adam's voice is quiet and wrecked against his neck. He can feel the objections coming, knows that Adam will want to say no. Expects to hear some combination of not now and not here. Not like this -- on drugs and in the desert and with people all around him, watching them. He doesn't. Adam swallows hard, as if fighting his words, but stays silent as he slowly works Tommy's shirt off over his head.  “Promise me you’re not gonna to regret this in the morning?” He asks, bringing their heads together as his hands snake down past Tommy’s balls.

He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. But Adam’s long fingers are teasing at his asshole and he has lost the powers of speech. He shakes his head and hopes that some of what he’s feeling makes it to his eyes before pressing his lips to Adam’s. Adam groans under him, his mouth opening as he takes control of the kiss. He feels like he’s falling apart, like he’s turned into nothing but Adam’s hot mouth on his. He bites, sucks at Adam’s lips, trying to get him in deeper.

“Shh, baby. Roll over.” Adam says, his hands pressing into Tommy’s shoulders. He’s relaxed, boneless from his orgasm and the drugs, but it still burns when Adam breaches him with one lubed finger and he hisses, moving away. “No, Tommy… baby, hush. Just let me. Let me.” Adam’s words seem to settle against his brainstem, taking all the fight out of Tommy’s body and leaving nothing but the sweet, shock-y feeling of being full and open. God, so open… Tommy thinks, as Adam slowly works a second finger inside. He feels the fingers moving slowly, stretching him out and making space for Adam’s dick. His body feels heavy and sweet and sleepy and so good that he just wants to melt into the sensation, until Adam moves his fingers and lightning runs through Tommy’s veins.

He hears a moan, and realizes it’s his own voice, sounding strung out and hoarse. Adam is pressed up against him, chest to Tommy’s back, and is murmuring in his ear, as Tommy’s body stretches around him. “Fuck… so good. Open up for me baby, that’s right. Oh, just like…yeah…” and that lightening-bright feeling is coming at him, and he thinks he’s going to lose it on Adam’s fingers — not that he’s going to come, that he might die or go mad or both because fuck, it’s so good.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (6)
And then it stops. He feels the ache of those long fingers sliding out of him and the shocking coolness of the air against his sweaty skin. There’ silence, as if everything around him is taking a single, deep breath in preparation. He can hear moans, laughter, soft gasps from everyone around him and feels the sharp ache of love and connection for a long moment before he feels blunt pressure against his ass. Adam is slick and hard and huge and Tommy shudders as his cock breaches him, stretching him so wide. Adam’s breath is ragged behind him, and his fingers are tense where they push against Tommy’s belly, as if he’s riding the ragged edge. The slide of Adam’s cock into him feels like it goes on forever, breaking him impossibly open until Adam’s skin and the hand on his stomach are the only things holding Tommy to the earth.

When he starts to move, Tommy is really entirely sure that he’s just flown apart. Adam feels so beyond good inside of him — the scratchy push and burn of being fucked, with the hot sharp pleasure rising over it all like a descant, like Adam’s fucking voice when they’re on stage. All he can do is press his knee up, open himself wider and pulling Adam closer as he hangs on tight to Adam’s hand. Stars bloom across the world behind his eyelids, and his nerves go static and overloaded with something that might be an orgasm, but feels like so much more. He can feel Adam’s fingers digging into his skin, feels his rhythm speed and then stutter and hears, as if from far away, a rough voice saying “yes, baby. Oh fuck, yes.” Adam’s orgasm washes over him like the coming of a storm.

They collapse together, still joined. Time passes in glimmers and glimpses — he remembers Adam’s warm hands, ghosting over him with something wet, cleaning him off and then rolling over for another one of those cavern-deep kisses that he loses himself in. He remembers sleeping like a pile of kittens, other warm and naked bodies close to his, sweet and hot. And then a half-remembered stirring, movement and light and then blessed space and quiet, secure in feeling Adam, there within arm’s reach.

ps. I'm SOOOOO excited that you requested this, and had a ton of fun writing it. Other than the glitter and the lasers, Burning Man fic is totally my favorite thing about this fandom. :)
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:17 am (UTC)
Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man -- addenda
Oops, one more thing: Title and several lines from "In Xanadu" are shamelessly stolen from Cooleridge, who would roll in his grave to see it used thus. Luckily, he's dead and the poem is in the public domain. :)
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:22 am (UTC)
Adam and the Kaulitz twins have a threesome! It has to have Tom, too, no scorning him. Maybe Adam propositions Bill and he's like "sure, but mein bruder has to come too."IDK, whatever. Feel free to get kind of twincesty.
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man -- addenda
Oh, jesus christ. I just recced this to my twitter feed. This is awesome and hot like burning and ouipadfjkmzxcvkyerwui
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:40 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man -- addenda
holy shit was that gorgeous and hot. I have been so hoping for a fic like this and it was perfect wow. *_______*
Aug. 31st, 2010 05:58 am (UTC)
Tommy/Adam, horsewhispering
Kris is a horse. WAIT, COME BACK! He lives at the Ratliff Riding School where Tommy is the main trainer. One day Tommy gets a call from a man (Adam) who wants lessons to get over his fear of horses. He confesses that he may not even be able to touch a horse the first day, never mind get on it. Tommy assures him he'll be fine, and selects Kris, his calmest horse, for the task. When Adam shows up, he's as jittery as an unbroken stallion and it's up to Tommy (and Kris) to 'whisper' him into calmness.

Other members of GN can be horses too if you want or other trainers or both. I know the prompt is kind of cracky, but I'd really like a serious take on this with Tommy going about handling Adam like he handles the horses, getting a read on his feelings and anticipating what he needs, knowing when to push him and when to back off, etc. (Although if you want to do it partially from Kris's p.o.v. that's cool and could be cracky.)

And then they fall in love. Tommy and Adam. Not Adam and Kris. Unless you roll that way. I'm picturing Kris with white flowers around his bridle when he stands in as Best Horse at the wedding though.

Aug. 31st, 2010 05:58 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Through Caverns Measureless to Man (6)
I am DEAD from this. So hot and delicious and beautiful. I love fics that take the time to really delve into the experience, which this has done exceedingly well. There's enough detail to pull the reader into the scene, but it also flows really smoothly, with not one word wasted. Great piece ♥
Aug. 31st, 2010 06:05 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: Paradigm Shift 5
Been thinking about this one since I finished reading it last night. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing it.
Aug. 31st, 2010 06:16 am (UTC)
Re: Tommy/Adam, horsewhispering
*Loves this, but is possibly also dying of laughter*
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