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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Aug. 29th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Adam/Tommy, tentacle porn
What it says in the subject. Adam and Tommy and hentai's best trope. I don't care how you involve them. Wait, I do, they need to be involved in sex, but other than that, let your imagination run wild.
Aug. 29th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: Paradigm Shift 5
This was really interesting and different:).
Aug. 29th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: Paradigm Shift 5
that was gorgeous. wow.
Aug. 29th, 2010 02:45 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: i like my body when it is with your body, 2/2
oh wow... delicious!
Aug. 29th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
and... *blush* um.

Aug. 29th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
Tear You Down From The Inside...
Ok... I hope this is ok, I don't usually write Non-con... this is only my 2nd time... Be gentle... Comments please me


Sitting at the bar, Tommy wondered how he ended up in this situation. Falling for a guy, yeah that had happened before, but never had he fallen for a guy that was as dense as Adam. Shit he had practically made the man come the night before while they were all drinking and all he got was a pat on the head and a “Good kitty” before Adam slunk off to his lair, and Tommy went to bed with blue balls … AGAIN. So here he was… sitting at some tiny bar, drinking and flirting with an attractive blue eyed guy, not anywhere near as attractive as Adam, but if he was flirting, well Tommy would take what he could get.

Which is why 30 minutes later he is shocked and horrified to find himself pressed against the back door of the bar, a very strong hand against his throat, and the other snaking down his body? Squirming he tried to push the hard body away from his, “please, stop… don’t…” Tommy pleaded, his voice barely a whisper as that hand popped the button on his jeans and releasing his throat the blue eyed man shoved them around his thighs. Tommy’s stomach dropped, he knew what was about to happen and no matter what he told himself, and how much he wished this was not going to happen, he felt rough fingers press against him, at that he reached down and grabbed for his jeans, ripping them over his hips as he shoved the man away and ran for the end of the alleyway, before he got 3 steps, he felt a hand grip his shoulder hard and he was thrown against the wall. Before he could run again his jeans were back around his thighs, and his cheek was scraping against the bricks, tears running in hot tracks down his face, he felt hot fingers pressing in, burning, hard fingers digging into his hip, holding him still while the fingers pressed in, hard and dry.

“Please… don’t do this…” It seemed like he was only saying it in his head, yet the words slipped from his lips in a whisper as he felt the hot, hard nudge against him, pressing in, breaking him. A sharp cry burst from his lips with each thrust, the man wound his hand in Tommy’s hair, pulling hard enough that his chest came up off the wall, and he could feel the man pressed against his back.

“Shut up, you know you want this. I have seen the way you throw yourself at the Rock star; you can’t tell me you don’t want this.” A harsh voice growled in his ear, before biting hard against his shoulder, and speeding up his thrusts. Biting his lip, Tommy tried to keep the cries inside, tried to detach, to find a mental out. Finally after what seemed like forever, he felt the man grip his hips harder and thrust one last time before coming. Pulling out sharply, he slapped Tommy once on the ass, and leaned in close. “Next time, honey… Next time I want to see your face” And then he was gone.

Standing in the alley with his cheek against the brick, he closed his eyes and with a grimace he slid his jeans over his hips and slowly made his way back to the hotel, dreading the fact that he was sharing a room with Adam. But that was the farthest thing from his mind, right now all he wanted was a shower, as hot as the water would go.

Aug. 29th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC)
Re: Tear You Down From The Inside...
Sliding his card in the door, he tried to be as quiet as he could, he knew that Adam was exhausted, and the last thing he wanted was to wake him up. Especially for something like this, Adam didn’t need to worry about this. Quietly, he slipped past Adam’s bed and grabbed his bag, intent on a shower, just as he was passing Adam’s bed again, the light flipped on.


“Adam? Please… I…” Tommy began as he hit his knees, sobs wracking his body. Before he knew what happened, he felt Adam’s arms circle him and draw him close.

“Tommy?? Baby, what happened to your face?” Adam asked as he forced him to look up, the right side of his face was scratched and bruised, he had a bite mark on his shoulder and he was sobbing, his breath hitching, hands fisting against his legs. Tommy just shook his head and pushed away from Adam. He didn’t want to say, didn’t want to hear the words out loud. Sighing Adam let him move, looking down at his lap he was shocked, and felt the tears well up in his eyes “Tommy… you’re bleeding, baby what happened?”

“No, Adam… Don’t make me say it please.” Tommy begged as he backed up, trying to make the question in Adam’s eyes go away, shaking his head he didn’t want to think about what had happened; he just wanted it to go away.

“Oh God Tommy…” Adam said as his hand came up to his mouth. Tears found their way down his cheeks; he bit back all the things he wanted to say, and just looked up at Tommy. “Honey what do you want to do?”

Cringing at that endearment, Tommy held his bag close to his chest. “Please… don’t call me honey… that is what HE called me” Tommy said softly, chewing on his lip, he was stuck between wanting to run away from all of this, and completely breaking down and telling Adam everything. “I just want this to go away”

“Oh god Tommy… I’m so sorry. Whatever you want, I am right here for you. I promise.” Adam said as he watched his best friend back into the bathroom and lock the door.

Turning toward the bathtub, Tommy turned the water on as hot as it would go. Pulling his shirt over his head, he cringed and popped the button, trying to push his jeans over his hips brought a new cry of pain to his lips. Suddenly there was a knock on the door “Tommy? Are you okay?” Laughing sardonically he looked at the door. He knew that Adam wouldn’t hurt him; flipping the lock he opened the door.

“I can’t…” He said softly as he gestured to his jeans. Just nodding Adam slipped to his knees, and put Tommy’s hands on his shoulders as he gently slid his jeans over his hips and thighs. He felt new tears burn as he saw the harsh purple bruises against Tommy’s thighs and hips, the scrapes along his arms and chest; slowly he pulled the jeans off and set them aside. Standing he looked down at Tommy and gestured towards the tub, words seemed unnecessary at this point. He just watched as Tommy slid in, the water immediately turning pink, a grimace twisted his usually passive features. Sighing, Tommy turned large brown eyes up at Adam, there was only one question in them, and Adam answered without even thinking about it.

“Of course I still love you baby, I always have” Hearing that Tommy finally broke, sobbing he let Adam tug him as close as he could, being as Tommy was in the tub. Just holding him close, Adam closed his eyes and vowed that he would do whatever he could to get Tommy through this, in one piece, mentally and physically.
Aug. 29th, 2010 06:30 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Teardrop on the Fire (Part 3b/?)
Finally got around to reading this, it's great! Your House voice is excellent.
Aug. 29th, 2010 06:51 am (UTC)
Adam/Tommy, psych ward AU
The glamily are all patients in the same IPU. Adam's the patient all the doctors like, his problems mostly manifest as him being convinced he's a rock star and he doesn't have to many scary episodes, but he's been there longer than anyone else and he never improves. Tommy's the newest patient, committed because he tried to kill himself. They make friends, and help each other get better.
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: Adam/Tommy + Tommy's nipples
omfg want
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:01 am (UTC)
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:02 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: Paradigm Shift 5
Omg, that was awesome! Bravo.
Aug. 29th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
FILLED: unwinding, brad/adam/tommy, eventual nc-17, (5/9)
Tommy bows out early of the after-show celebrations at the closest gay club to the accommodations. Adam looks upset at his departure, which ordinarily Brad might have been the teensiest bit jealous about, but in this case it just plays into his bigger plan.

He’s kept Adam pretty well distracted since then, though. The tour took over a set of booths but most of them are either out of the dance floor or already back in their rooms, enjoying the well-deserved hotel night.

“You up for another round?” Adam asks. His lips are just brushing Brad’s ear, their thighs already pressing together as they sit next to each other in the booth they’re sharing, and Brad shivers. He is so getting laid later.

To be honest, he’s not sure how much longer he’ll last down here with Adam. He’d forgotten how touchy-feely Adam gets when he’s drunk, and Brad hasn’t had anywhere near enough alcohol to dampen the erection swelling in his tight jeans.

“Definitely,” he says, and Adam signals the bartender who brings over two tequila shots, a salt shaker, and two limes.

Determined not to let Adam show him up, Brad says “Ladies first,” and licks his own wrist. He shakes some salt on it with his other hand before doing it again, curling his tongue over the curved bone slowly to make sure he gets every last grain of salt. He looks up to see Adam’s eyes fixed on his mouth. Brad leans over to where Adam’s holding the glasses and wraps his lips around the rim of one shotglass. He throws his head back and feels the burn of the tequila. Adam brings the lime to Brad’s lips and Brad sucks, licking the last bits of juice from Adam’s fingertips in a dirty promise.

Adam flexes his hands, shiny from the lime juice and Brad’s spit. Then he leans right over and sloppily licks Brad, right down at the base of his neck. He scraps his teeth over Brad’s collarbone, not enough to hurt, just enough to remind him exactly how much Adam enjoyed leaving hickeys like a high schooler.

“Hey, watch it,” Brad says. “Some of us appear on camera on a regular basis, you know.”

Adam waves a hand. “You can totally airbrush YouTube videos.” He smiles. “Can I take the shot now?”

“No teeth,” Brad warns, and Adam snickers. Such a teenager sometimes, seriously. Brad rolls his eyes. “I know, I know, that’s what he said.”

Adam puts the lime gently between Brad’s lips and sprinkles a liberal amount of salt on Brad’s skin. Before Brad can warn him off again, Adam dips his head down and gets a good start on the extremely serious business of leaving a huge hickey on Brad’s neck. Instead of pulling away, though, he starts working his way up Brad’s jaw, feathering light kisses here and there. He reaches Brad’s mouth and sucks gently at the lime before brushing it aside altogether and just licking his way inside, Brad’s tongue mingling hotly with his.

Adam is warm and familiar and Brad can’t help but press closer. Not breaking the kiss, he leans up to swing his leg over Adam’s knees to perch himself on Adam’s lap. Adam rocks up at the contact, providing the delicious friction that reminds Brad just how well Adam fills out his leather pants. They’re not even groping each other (that much), just relishing in the familiar taste of each others’ mouths, licking and laughing and yeah, maybe dry humping a little bit. Adam’s hard against his thigh and yeah, he definitely hasn’t gotten laid in a while. Tommy definitely called Brad at a good time.

It’s another few minutes before a hoot from Monte makes Brad realize that they aren’t exactly invisible, in fact, they are sitting in a booth in an extremely crowded gay club. Which: booth, privacy, yes, but not quite enough to be safe from the camera phones.

Adam’s returned to the spot he loves on Brad’s collarbone, making encouraging nibbles as Brad arches into it. “You know,” Brad says, a little breathless. “Maybe we should take this somewhere else.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Adam says, his lips very insistent against Brad’s skin.

With a sigh, Brad pulls back. It’s clearly up to him to be sensible right now. “Not here, baby.”
Aug. 29th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
FILLED: unwinding, brad/adam/tommy, nc-17, (6/9)
“But,” Adam pouts. Brad looks at his flushed, happy face, his lips swollen and slick from all the kissing. It’s completely adorable, and also extremely distracting. Brad scrambles off Adam’s lap, because he can’t think properly there.

“Come on,” Brad says, tugging at Adam’s belt loop. “You’ve got a room, right?”

Adam brightens. “Hotel night,” he says intelligently. He presses another quick kiss to Brad’s lips. “My keycard is somewhere, hold on--”

Brad palms Adam’s back pockets cheekily and extracts the card with a wink. “Got it. Let’s go.” Adam adjusts his jeans and follows obediently.


“Oh, right,” Brad says as they walk into Adam’s luxury suite. He can practically hear Adam’s mouth drop behind him. “One more part to the surprise, baby.”

“Um,” Adam says, clearly shocked. “What?”

Tommy’s on the bed, stripped down to his boxers. He’d been dozing on it before they got there, Brad thinks, his hair’s all mussed. His face is wiped clean of makeup and his emotions are laid bare for Adam to see.

Adam doesn’t say a word.

The nervously hopeful expression on Tommy’s face start to droop a little bit. He bites his lip and his eyes flick to Brad. “I told you,” Tommy says, his voice sad but resigned. “He doesn’t--”

“You didn’t tell me anything,” Brad interrupts. “Trust me, he likes what he sees--don’t you, Adam?”

Adam’s eyes are dark with lust as he looks over Tommy, although Brad

Brad is gratified to see that in fact, Adam does like what he sees.

Adam’s hand tightens over Brad’s hip in a possessive grip, but he doesn’t look away from Tommy. Brad can feel the tenseness in Adam’s body as he struggles not to visibly react. Adam’s insecure, too, Brad’s always known it. He would never believe that Tommy liked him, wanted them, wanted this. It’s always “just rock-n-roll” and “he’s comfortable with his sexuality,” but Brad’s seen the stage show. Adam kisses him like a challenge, daring Tommy to man up and go after what he wants.

Of course, it would figure that Brad’s the brave one in this situation. He’s happy to help these two idiots get their shit together, although he is a little pissed that he’s missing out on what would have been fantastic sex.

Brad gently extricates himself from Adam’s hold. “All right,” he says, waving his hands in a ‘come together’ motion. “I’ll just leave you guys to it.”

He turns towards the door, but Adam’s hand shoots out and grabs his arm a little too hard, the fingernails digging into his soft skin.

“Uh-uh,” Adam says roughly. Singers always have the best sex voices. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Brad kisses Adam buttery smooth and sweet, all soft lips and none of their usual tongue and teeth and give and take. It feels like falling all over again, but Brad’s realized by now that he’s already there.

“Mmm,” Brad says, breaking the kiss. “Hold that thought.”

Adam still looks a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and Tommy still looks a lot nervous. Brad makes the decision to start stripping; time to get this show on the road. He peels off his t-shirt and tosses it in the direction of the drawers.

Tommy may be in this because of his hard-on for Adam, but he definitely looks pretty appreciative at the newly exposed skin. Brad shimmies out of his jeans slowly. He’s not trying to make this a striptease or anything, but this pair is practically painted on. As he wriggles out of them he can practically feel the dual gazes of Adam and Tommy fixed on his skin. Tommy’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when he realizes Brad’s not wearing anything underneath.

Brad hops on the bed and grins brightly. “Let’s get this show on the road,” Brad says, loud enough that he knows Adam hears it, before leaning in to kiss Tommy. Tommy is easy and pliable against his lips, and Brad takes the opportunity to press him backwards a little bit into the sheets. He’s putting on a show, trying to goad Adam a little, but he can’t deny this is pretty damn fun. Tommy’s not a bad kisser and he’s definitely not as shy as Brad expected, his hands exploring the expanse of tanned skin on his back, curving his hands down to his ass. Brad squeaks into Tommy’s mouth and breaks the kiss.

“Oh, honey,” Brad says, straddling Tommy happily. “I am so not the first one getting fucked tonight.”
Aug. 29th, 2010 08:38 am (UTC)
FILLED: unwinding, brad/adam/tommy, nc-17, (7/9)
“When did we decide that?” Tommy grumbles.

Brad can feel Tommy’s cock hardening through his boxers, though, so he doesn’t bother to answer. He smooths his hands over Tommy’s pale chest and leans down to capture one of Tommy’s tight pink nipples in his mouth. Tommy hisses and arches up into the touch as Brad swirls his tongue. Brad traces a fingernail over the other nipple before soothing it with his tongue as well.

He hears Adam clear his throat over his shoulder, clearly seeking a little attention. Brad grins against Tommy’s skin and skates his lips over to the tattoos on Tommy’s arm, following each ink swirl with his tongue as it winds around the muscle.

There’s a rustle of fabric and then Adam is sliding his warm, naked torso against Brad’s side companionably. “Scoot,” Adam says affectionately. “You’re always hogging the good spot.”

“You snooze you lose,” Brad says, but he lets Adam take his place with Tommy. Tommy sits up for this, his skin shining with sweat and spit, as Adam pulls him into a kiss. It’s tentative at first, but Tommy deepens it, pushing his tongue into Adam’s mouth, and their tongues duel for control as they start to twine their bodies as well. It’s longer than any of their stage kisses and much dirtier, with the promise of what’s to come.

It’s pretty fucking hot. Adam and Tommy look good together, pale, tattooed skin twining together as they rub slowly against each other.

Adam pulls back for a second, hand still cupping Tommy’s jaw “You’re cool with this, right?” He looks uncertainly over at Brad. “You’re both cool with this, right?”

Brad can’t even restrain his eye-roll. “I’m not sure if you realize who set this up,” he says. “But it certainly wasn’t my idea.”

Tommy turns to Brad indignantly. “What are you talking about? This was not what I had in mind.”

“Please,” Brad says, flapping his hand dismissively. “You were practically gagging for it. So was he, by the way. You are both so obvious.”

“I, uh,” Tommy says in what is kind of an adorable stutter.

“Wait, what?” Adam says. “You want us to get together?”

Brad shrugs. “Sure. You look good together.” He tries to brush off the part of him that screams that he wants to be included with the new them, but Adam sees it on his face.

“No, you don’t,” Adam says, surprised. “You want this. You want all of us.”

“For tonight,” Brad says. “I’m going back to L.A. in the morning.”


Adam lets him get away with it, but Brad knows he’s not off the hook yet. Brad leans over to Tommy and whispers in his ear. Tommy grins, cat-like, and pushes Adam down on the bed. “Come on, rockstar,” he says. “Let me take care of you.”

Adam lets himself be manhandled down and spreads himself out on the bed, looking extremely smug against the throw pillows.

Tommy uses his slender hands to strip off Adam’s pants as he kneels on the bed. He mouths the head of Adam’s cock for a second or two before taking it halfway down as Adam’s face goes slack.

“Fuck, Tommy,” Adam says, shuddering. He’s always had a mouth on him, but another thing Brad had forgotten is how much it turns him on, even when it isn’t directed at him. “Such a fucking sweetheart, baby, you could have been doing this for ages if you’d wanted to.”

“Who says he didn’t?” Brad says, looking over Tommy’s shoulder at Adam with a smirk that’s half-cheeky, half-knowing. He hooks his fingers around the edge of Tommy’s boxers and slides them down slowly to Tommy’s knees. “Up,” he instructs, and Tommy lifts each leg obediently even as he’s slurping Adam’s cock noisily.

“Don’t distract him,” Adam says. “He’s doing good work.”

“You paying him overtime?” Brad asks. He cups Tommy’s cheeks in his hands before spreading them to reveal Tommy’s hole. He gets his tongue right in there, no prelude, and just starts licking and swirling and dipping it inside. Tommy groans around Adam’s dick but it slips out until just the tip is in his mouth because Tommy’s pushing his ass back into Brad’s mouth.

“Hey,” Adam says grumpily. “What about me?”
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