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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Aug. 28th, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled: The Risks and Benefits of Injury (5/5)
So sweet. I loved the "competition" dialogue section.
Aug. 28th, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled: The Risks and Benefits of Injury (5/5)
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Tommy/MC, non con.
I'll take it however I can get it *wiggles eyebrows*

Nah, seriously, I just want vulnerable Tommy, and any of those moments fit my request just fine. Though it would be interesting to see the start of it, the moment he realizes he flirted with the wrong person, and the way the situation starts spinning out of control. Just a comment, though, as I'll really take anything you guys would like to dish out.
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
Re: OP unanoning~
Yay! Glad you liked! :D
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled - Clause One-Twenty. 3/3 Hard R
This is a seriously cool AU and set up. I really hope you do more with it.
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
Re: FILLED: auctioned!sub!Tommy/Dom!Adam - 2/2
oh yeah! freaking prefect.
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled: Adam/Tommy, wall!sex in public
holy shit that was hot!
Aug. 28th, 2010 10:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled: The Risks and Benefits of Injury (5/5)
Awwwww, so cute!!! \o/
Aug. 28th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Filled: The Risks and Benefits of Injury (5/5)
Aw, that was the sweetest thing ever, and I loved it to pieces. I like how couple-y they are, the way they seem so comfortable in each other's space. Also, it was hot.

And this made me laugh "I'm injured! I'm, like, entitled to cuddles!". So, so cute!

This is another great fic in the fantastic set you've been writing for this meme. Thank you so much! (Also, no more "!"s for me)
Aug. 29th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Re: Tommy/MC, non con.
Yes, please. I second this muchly
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:00 am (UTC)
Fill: Paradigm Shift
OK, I've written one for this, too. I swear I started it as a dialogue-free piece before I saw yours, sulwen! Which tells you how longs it's taken me to write this, I am mad slow.


Tommy is fine with all the stagegay because he is secure in his heterosexuality. He knows who he is, and how he feels, and how he relates to the world. So there is no reason to panic about swapping a bit of spit with a friend who happens to be a guy who happens to be gay.

A lot of people have trouble understanding this. Right after the AMAs he feels like he spending all his time explaining it. Every conversation turns into the same one. It could start out with “dude, so did you get to that thing last weekend?” or “hi mom” or “where’s the bathroom?”, but it always ends up with lengthy explanations of the utterly simple concept that he’s straight, so he doesn’t have to panic about it. It was just a kiss, it’s just a friend who he can hug tight and long and close until the eternal nagging sense that he’s under-hugged is gone, or until other people’s eyes burn into the back of his neck, but that makes Adam better than them, because Adam never thinks hugs have gone on too long.

As time went on, the conversation happened less often, and got simpler. He’d streamlined it, from practice. Sure, some bits got longer, instead of “I can kiss a guy because I’m secure in my identity” it became “I can kiss a guy or sometimes lick him or snuggle up under his arm or have epic tickle wars on the bus or crawl into his lap when I’m drunk and pass out there because I’m secure in my identity,” but that was still shorter than the first conversation he’d had with his mother.

It was simple, though, so there was no reason for it to take a lot of time. Why panic, when it was just Adam? He didn’t understand people who found Adam upsetting. Adam was the easiest person he knew. Not in the fortune cookie way, in the relating way. Adam never made him uncomfortable, never panicked until he had to panic in reply, never avoided problems until they were unfixable, never lied to him. Never did a million of the things that were worth getting upset about. He could lean against Adam’s broad chest and wrap his arms around Adam’s waist up under his shirt against that always-warm skin and stop worrying about everything else, know he could hold him up.

OK, it was getting weird, he knew it. But it’s not like he wants to sleep with Adam. Just, just touch him. How could anyone not? Adam is their idol, even if he’s not America’s, he’s their golden god. He acts like everyone on the tour is equal, like he’s just another guy who works with them, maybe your boss but not your real boss, the assistant manager who you have to obey but who can’t fire you and wouldn’t anyway. But they all know. Adam’s name is on the tickets, his face is on the posters, he’s the one whisked away for interviews with major media outlets, the one with security dogging his steps. When he comes out, the fans go from excited to raw hysteria, and everyone on the tour picks it up, a touch of that hysteria for themselves. Sometimes everyone sees him through the fans’ eyes, right? Sometimes everyone thinks it would be the best thing in the world to touch him.

And the great thing is, Adam is happy to let Tommy touch him. There have been times in Tommy’s life when he’s hated his face and his body, lifted weights until his arms ached and combed his hair into his big doe eyes. But now it’s exactly the body he wants, because it’s the one Adam wants. Adam looks at those irritating prettynesses and melts, lets Tommy put his hands wherever he likes. Tommy highlights his face in makeup, and gazes up through his eyelashes, and he gets to touch the star. Run his hands up the back of the headliner’s shirt, press his lips to the pulse point of the man who all those thousands of people had come to see earlier, leave dark lipstick prints on the heart of all this madness. The cause of it.
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:01 am (UTC)
Re: Fill: Paradigm Shift 2
How could anyone look at Adam and not feel a little hysterical? Adam tells stories of high school every once in a while, of being ugly and awkward and afraid of how different he was, and he looks so sad that Tommy has to kiss him better, knees on either side of Adam’s hips, willing to be whatever Adam wants him to be at this moment if it will take the sadness away, but there are hints in those stories of the man he’d grow up to be. Friends who loved Adam with the blind passion of the people who scream in the audience at the top of their lungs, teachers who were distant echoes of Simon Cowell, uninterested until they listened to him, jaws dropping when Adam’s voice went up and up and up. Hints of the future, high notes and long legs and blinding charisma.

Tommy honestly has no sexual interest in Adam, it’s the personality, the charm and quick laugh and easy moving hips. The dancers have a terrifying control over their bodies, but Adam moves loose and visceral, sex with clothes on, who wouldn’t get hard looking at that? Feeling it against their backs, under their hands, how could anyone get so close to someone turning themselves into walking, singing sex and not react. Tommy wants to touch, feel that amazing trick with the hips thrusting in isolation from rolling shoulders off stage, where he can focus and really see what’s happening. Adam’s body is an incredible thing, a miracle of nature and study, and anyone with a pulse would want to get closer if they could, the way you want to walk up to paintings made thick globs of paint full of the ghostly imprints of the paintbrushes that made them in the museum and touch them.

Adam is such a visceral creature, doubling over when he laughs, locking his shoulders straight when he’ s pissed, bending at strange, loose angles when he’s relaxed and happy. Tommy wants to trace the angles, put his hand out and touch the junction between limb and body when they end up at those bizarre model positions, unsettling and arresting. Everyone is fixated when Adam does the sex-simulation on stage, but does everyone appreciate the angles like they should be appreciated? Surely not, because they’re tired, relaxed Adam, sprawled across a chair in the dancer’s bus after the show, away from eyes and cameras, where hardly anyone gets to appreciate. Tommy moves in and tucks his head into the place where Adam’s leg meets his body, and sighs in satisfaction.

The giggle is provocative, Adam’s voice has been all emotions in the last hour, happy and sad and unspeakably turned on, and when he giggles Tommy’s nervous system responds like it’s been trained. It has to be a tease on stage, an invitation no one can take, that’s the basis of the whole show, but they’re lazing backstage, appreciating the tingle that the concert has left in their fingers and toes, there’s no reason not to take it up now. Tommy opens his mouth against Adam’s body like he wants to, breathes out hot breath and revels in the laughing, shivering reaction.
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:03 am (UTC)
Fill: Paradigm Shift 3
Tommy secretly hates it when Adam showers. The smell of his body is so good, heady, even, sometimes Tommy likes to curl up on Adam’s bed in his lair and shove his face into the pillows just to smell it. Adam himself smells best after shows, when he’s laughing about how gross and sweaty he is, and Tommy wants to shove him up against a wall and breathe him in. He never does, and Adam runs off to shower and scrub every bit of his skin, as if his own sweat is something awful instead of something they could bottle and sell on the open market, and now Tommy has to stick his head under Adam’s shirt to find that scent.

It tickles, Adam tells him, and laughs and holds on to the back of Tommy’s head. Pulls him closer instead of pushing him away, because Adam never pushes him away. Tommy opens his mouth against Adam’s skin, just to make him squirm, just to taste, because Adam tastes like he smells, so good. Tommy could lick him all day, like a kid with a lollipop, he’ll get sick of the taste of Adam the day after he gets sick of the taste of sugar. Adam does squirm, does gasp, trying to make it exaggerated and jokey, but there’s a reality under it that he can’t camouflage. Everyone else laughs at the joke, not getting it, and Tommy pulls away, suddenly unwilling, even though the urge still sits under his skin, making him itch in a way where scratching does nothing for it.

Later, when people are getting lost in the shuffle of running on and off buses, over to the lines of fans and back, Tommy notices Adam go into his lair, and slips in after him. The whole room smells like Adam, more than Adam does right now, and Tommy has to cuddle in close, put his face inside Adam’s clothes again. Adam asks him what he’s doing and he tries to explain, about how comfortable and easy Adam is, about how Adam makes everyone’s skins crawl off their bodies with excitement, about how there’s a thousand people out there who wish they could lick along the line of Adam’s lowest ribs like this and about how Adam tastes as good as he smells.

He’s still tasting, licking in between words, mouthing along the edge of Adam’s navel and biting at the few remnants of the softness along Adam’s sides that he’s so effectively exterminating with his special delivered celebrity food and that bike they haul everywhere and the grueling tour schedule, and Tommy’s glad he’s doing this now, so he can feel his teeth grip before Adam is as harshly sculpted as the dancers. He spaces explanation between swipes of his tongue up the center line of Adam’s body and over his nipples, soft flesh and hard metal, and he’s lost his train of thought, but Adam isn’t listening anymore anyway.

His mouth on Adam’s neck makes Adam shiver under him, grip him tight with his big, long-fingered hands that Tommy’s always staring at under the fingerless gloves that seem kinky to Tommy even though he doesn’t know why. Every move Adam makes is endlessly interesting, always, and now these movements are Tommy’s responsibility, his fault, they belong to him, so he moves up higher, because Adam shivers more that way. Too far up, though, up under his ear and Adam is breathing in short, quick gasps, but he tastes like conditioner instead of Adam. Tommy draws back, looks at Adam’s soft, open mouth and startling pale eyes gone black, and knows he can do whatever he wants, so he does it, yanks Adam’s fly open and peels off his pants, and when he puts his mouth down here Adam makes sounds.
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:03 am (UTC)
Fill: Paradigm Shift 4
He gets the occasional mouthful of soap still, and thinks of the shower rinsing in random rivulets down Adam’s thighs, thinks of Adam’s hands rubbing over his own body and feels jealous, jealous of Adam getting to touch himself all the time, fingers tracing over every bit of skin every day until he doesn’t understand how amazing that is. Adam shouldn’t be allowed to bathe himself, he doesn’t appreciate it, and when he tells him so Adam laughs, but oh, Tommy licks at the soft skin at the back of Adam’s knee and makes plans.

When Tommy first met Adam, Adam’s muscles were only visible in the way he moved, an easy, uninterrupted grace that had to be supported by a lot of strength. But Adam’s muscles have risen to the surface, striking, fascinating bulges and grooves that lead the eye up his long limbs and in towards his body. Leads Tommy’s mouth, tonight, following the groove in the muscle up his inner thigh, and Adam makes sounds like he’s crying and fists his hands in the sheets. It’s funny, it’s fun, to be the one getting reactions out of him instead of helplessly feeding him reaction while he swirls through the world and doesn’t notice the wake he leaves behind him.

Adam smells so much more like Adam up here, and it makes Tommy desperate for him in a weird, desperate way, like you get when you’re eating jelly beans and suddenly realize you can’t stop long enough to even swallow the last one before you need another. Tommy bites at the cord of tendon that links the muscles on Adam’s thigh to his pelvis, dragging his teeth along skin and needing more. He licks up farther, faster, getting his whole mouth into it, wet lips dragging along the crease where Adam’s crazy long leg meets his body, teeth biting at the firm flesh of his ass, needing and wanting and licking and somehow Tommy’s tongue is inside Adam’s body, and Adam is squirming and trying to hold still for it at the same time, making unbelievable sounds, moaning and sobbing, one leg starting to shake. It’s thrown over Tommy’s shoulder, and Tommy can feel the same tremors in the foot brushing the small of his back and inside of Adam’s body. It occurs to him that he’s being kind of mean.

He draws back, and Adam begs him not to stop, but Tommy knows he doesn’t mean that. Adam’s cock is standing up away from his body, flushed and hard, and Tommy has never had a cock in his mouth. He doesn’t know what the shape feels like. And it seems like the whole universe turns around the damn thing sometimes, or at least the little universe of the tour and fans and whole crazy Adam phenomenon, and it’s as good as the whole universe, because Tommy never leaves it. He leans forward and does it before he can think about it, puts his mouth on it.

It tastes like Adam, just like all the other parts of him, and licking up the length of it evokes a quiet, guttural moan that Tommy doesn’t pay attention to. He mouths around the side, up and down, feeling the shape of it, the fragile skin, Adam’s pulse against his tongue. The thing is pornishly, cartoonishly large, even in comparison to Adam’s huge frame, but getting your mouth on a cock without seeing how much of it you can fit in your mouth seems like cheating, and he thinks about his tongue in Adam a minute ago, and he wants it,wants a piece of Adam in him, and slides his mouth down over Adam’s cock.
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
Fill: Paradigm Shift 5
It’s awkward, not something a mouth was made to do, but it’s also just what Tommy’s been looking for, a way to get as much of his mouth against Adam as possible, and he slides down and down, his lips and tongue and mouth pressed against Adam’s skin, the heat of his body, the taste of him. The head of it hits the back of his throat, and he draws in a slow breath through his nose and keeps going, slow, slow, a little farther, such a strange feeling, all of his mouth touching Adam and his nose full of the scent of him and Adam saying something he didn’t quite catch, he pulls back a little to look up and see if he can guess what it was and then his mouth is full of come, tasting salt and bitter and Adam, and when he pulls off to sit up it gets all over his face, too.

He sits back on his heels, wiping come off his face and trying to decide if he likes this taste or not, and Adam sits up, cups Tommy’s face in both hands and kisses him, the familiar flavor of Adam’s mouth almost calming to Tommy’s scrambled brain, and when did he get so confused? Then the world is spinning around him, he’s spinning inside the world, Adam’s turning him around and pushing him back down onto the bed, and opening up Tommy’s jeans and wrapping his hand around his cock. Tommy is hard, so hard, and it’s a shock, he hadn’t realized, hadn’t thought about his own fucking cock in however long he’s been doing this, the muscles in his mouth ache from overexertion and his cock aches in Adam’s hand and then it doesn’t anymore, it’s all pleasure, and it’s good Adam kept kissing him because he just screamed so loud.

They lie on the bed next to each other, wrung out and exhausted, and now the spinning is in Tommy’s head. The world spins inside of him, his own thoughts and actions set in a whole new paradigm, damn it his mother was right again, and Adam asks him if he’s okay. He sounds worried, and Tommy turns his head to look at him, and knows that the twist in his stomach when he looks at Adam’s face is attraction, is maybe him falling in love, and the gentleness in Adam’s hand brushing his hair out of his face is maybe the same thing.

He tells Adam that the problem with crushing on such a big guy is that it’s going to take hours of work to lick every inch of his skin, and he’s tired already. Adam laughs, quiet and intimate, not a laugh Tommy has heard before, and says they’ll have to finish later, when they’ve rested up, and he says it like a question. Tommy tells him they will, and doesn’t say it like a question at all.
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