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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Nov. 1st, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)
Re: Mod Note
Nov. 1st, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Adam/Tommy
Omg just this prompt turns me on.
Nov. 1st, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
Filled: The Amazing Race 1/?
He still didn’t understand why he let Adam talk him into this. He honestly thought Adam was just joking when it was suggested it. Adam ‘annoying older brother who always gets what he wants’ Lambert roughing it up Amazing Race style?

Fucking. Hilarious.

That was before he found himself being coupled together with him as the Lambert brothers on the celebrity edition of the show.

This season of the show was half as long as a normal run and rather, the five hundred thousand dollar prize money would be going to a charity of the team’s choice.

Adam figured that ‘it would be fun to have some brotherly time together, Neil’. You know, since they hadn’t been working together on Glamnation for the past year and all.

Yeah, Neil definitely didn’t find it fucking hilarious when they decided his claim to fame was ‘celebrity internet blogger’, whilst his brother got to have ‘rock star’ attached as a caption under his name.

And since when the fuck was he a ‘celebrity internet blogger’? He detested the very word ‘celebrity’.

…and yet, here he was.

His calming mantra of fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life continued to ring true as Adam took the first clue out of the box to start the next leg of the race.
    “Ready, Neil?”
Neil cocked an eyebrow at him. By now, Adam had figured that his ‘fuck you’ expression generally meant ‘why yes, I am up for anything that you want to do, brother that is better than I’. Although Adam may have possibly been partial to his interpretation of Neil’s very few expressions.
    “Excellent,” Adam said as he began to open the envelope.
    “Hey. Why do you always get to open the envelopes? I want to,” Neil said, snatching out of Adam’s hand.
    “Someone didn’t take their positive pills, this morning.”
Neil greased him off before taking their clue out.
    “Oh my god. I’m related to a five year old,” Adam said, face panning towards the camera.

At their last pit stop, they were welcomed to the country by a young lady dressed in traditional Singaporean clothes as well as Phil Keoghan himself.

They reached the pit stop third, the seventh team being eliminated leaving them a one in six chance for Adam taking the reigns and convincing Neil that all the money should go to Donors Choose.

Although, Neil insisted that they would have come second if Adam wasn’t so fucking hopeless at directions. And naturally, this ended with Adam blaming Neil for reading the map incorrectly and Adam freaking out whilst driving down a busy inner city road.
    “Left at the next street, Adam. Left. Oh, for fuck’s sake, I said left not straight ahead.”
    “You never said left!”
    “I said left like, twenty fucking times! It’s a good thing that young, pretty boys find you attractive, Adam. Please make sure someone’s filming when they realise that your brain is nothing but the remnants of a long dead glitter ghost.”
    “I can’t concentrate whilst you’re throwing shitty insults at me, Neil. Hey, should I slow it down? Fuck, now there’s people beeping at me,” Adam said, panic kicking into overdrive.
    “Jesus fucking Christ, Adam. Don't you sing enough on stage? These kinds of situations aren't appropriate for random outbursts of song.”
    “Oh, please. I will take you to the top of the brink of what you believe.”
Neil flinched and grabbed for the car handle, continually trying to fling it open and escape this being he called his brother.
    “Fuck my life. Why are these car doors locked?”
    “Because you should be helping with directions. Now, should I just u-turn here?”
    “Adam! What the fuck are you doing?! We’re going to fucking cra—”

Yeah, the rest of that situation didn’t go down too well.

However, despite any remarks that Adam threw at him, Neil figured that no matter what, he could always use ‘well it’s your fault we’re even here, because you insisted that it would be fun to have some brotherly time together’ as the ultimate comeback. Check. And. Mate.
Nov. 1st, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
Here In The Dark, 25/??
Adam burrows against Tommy's neck. "You know where my stuff is, right?"

Tommy nods, reaches back to run a single hand through Adam's hair. He knows Adam doesn't bottom because of a drunken late-night conversation back when they still had the buses, but as soon as he'd said it he'd clammed up, and Tommy has no idea what Adam's thinking after making that kind of an offer. Adam actually nuzzles into Tommy's hand, and Tommy smiles a little before sliding off the bed to root through Adam's bag for lube and condoms.

He sets both on the nightstand in easy reach before flicking off the light and reaching out for Adam in the dark. It's one reach he's gotten good at, and it doesn't take long before he's finding Adam's T-shirt to pull over his head, pulling Adam into his arms this time instead of the other way around. He can feel the heat of Adam's skin through his own shirt, and rubs a circle on Adam's back with the heel of his hand.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Adam says, and he sounds like he means it, but maybe there's something underneath that Tommy couldn't hear with the lights on, because he's calling bullshit as soon as the word is out of Adam's mouth.

"You sure?"

This time there's a pause. Then Adam pulls Tommy's shirt up and over, snuggling against him so tightly Tommy would swear Adam's trying to feel his heartbeat without actually searching for it with his hand. "It's just . . . been awhile, that's all." He lays his head against Tommy's shoulder, and Tommy runs his fingers through Adam's hair again.

"How long is 'awhile'?" he asks, and when Adam answers Tommy can tell he's trying to keep his voice neutral.

"Seven years. I've only ever done it once."

And then it all clicks: when Adam lost his virginity, not forced but pressured by too much alcohol and too many well-meaning friends who didn't stop to think about what it might mean to Adam personally if he'd already hung onto his virginity for three years after coming out. Tommy thinks about his first night in Adam's bed, how totally insistent Adam was on giving Tommy an out, and he finds Adam's cheek in the dark and kisses it.

"You know, if you want to try something else—"

Adam turns his head and presses his lips to Tommy's before pulling back only so far that their lips still touch when he speaks.

"I trust you."

He smiles against Tommy's mouth, and yeah, there's nervousness there, but Tommy can feel that trust, too, and it warms him in a way nothing else could ever begin to replicate.

"You have to tell me what I'm doing, I don't have a fucking clue," he says, and Adam laughs, every little sound travelling through his chest and into Tommy's body, a series of small rumbles and vibrations, and Tommy feels kind of stupid until Adam skims a kiss over his cheek.

"That's okay, I just realised I'm not even sure I can bend this way," he answers, and Tommy snorts and hits his shoulder.

"You fucking liar, I see you do it onstage all the time," he protests, and then the two of them are lost in a flurry of beer-tinted kisses and laughter, rolling over and pushing each other until Tommy feels his foot hit the edge of the bed. "Hey, stop, I'm gonna fall."

Adam stills at once, and in the sudden silence everything from Tommy's breathing to the rustle of the bedcovers is too loud. Tommy finds Adam's hand in the dark and squeezes it. Adam squeezes back, and Tommy sort of stumbles his way over Adam's legs to get to the nightstand with everything on it.

He finds the little plastic tube he's looking for and stretches out on the bed, finding Adam and pulling him closer until they're skin to skin, kissing and touching and, in Tommy's case, hunting for belt buckles. Finally he gets both of them open and pushes Adam's jeans down his legs, squirming out of his own ungracefully enough that he's grateful for the dark. He kisses Adam again, long and sweet and trying to say without actually saying it that it's okay if Adam changes his mind. Adam finds the hand with the lube in it and twists off the cap.
Nov. 1st, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
*waits impatiently for the next part...*


Edited at 2010-11-01 08:29 pm (UTC)
Nov. 1st, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
Ok, after this pics http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a243/xofsk/186470746-Copy1.jpg WE NEED HALLOPEEN LAMBLIFF PEOPLE!!!!

ANYTHING involving them shagging while still wearing that make-up/part of the costumes would do! But it would be extra awesome if it was a bit lulzy, like they would sort be doing some sort of half-assed vampire roleplay, like not srs bsns roleplaying but just making jokes about it
And extra bonuspoints if Adam tries to bite Tommy with his glue-on fangs and they fall out and he almost swallows them (totally not because that exact thing happened to me last Friday lol, not during sex though!!)
Nov. 1st, 2010 09:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
omg I hope Tommy takes his time so it's really good for Adam. Love how you keep establishing the trust between them in rather subtle ways. Tommy would be afraid of falling off the bed. Adam would use a little humor to help Tommy relax.
I love this story!
I've posted 3 comments & they've all ended up in the wrong place so trying again!
Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:04 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
I may have permanent heart-eyes after this chapter! Love this so much.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??


oommmgggggg T___T the love and trust between Adam and Tommy in this chapter is so palpable and breathtaking. both Adam's trust in Tommy to make this good and Tommy's trust in Adam to know that he's really okay with this. I feel like the sharing of secrets gives people a kind of intimacy that can't be matched by physical means, so it means a lot to have Adam and Tommy already knowing each other that well ♥
Nov. 2nd, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
OMG <33333

I love this fic soooo much! This last part has given me such heart eyes.

Nov. 2nd, 2010 05:12 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
Your comments complete me! <3
Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:29 am (UTC)
Here In The Dark, 26/??
[A/N: With many thanks to Minotaur for his Sex Tips for Slash Writers site. Rest in peace, sir. You are and will be missed.]

"This isn't as hard as people think it is," Adam says, and he finds Tommy's other hand, brings both of them together. "It's really just a slower version of fingering."

Tommy touches the end of the lube container to his fingers so he can be sure he's not about to squirt a nice long sticky ribbon of it all over the bed and feels Adam roll over.

"Uh . . . should I be, you know . . . wearing a rubber on my fingers or something?"

"You can if you want to," Adam tells him. "I got tested before the tour and I'm clean. It's your call."

Tommy thinks about it just long enough to think about how damned honest Adam is, and then he runs his free hand down Adam's back to find his ass. He hears Adam gasp when he switches hands—and yeah, there's probably some way to warm up lube that he doesn't know about, because it's chill against his fingers and he doesn't remember it ever being freezing cold when Adam preps him—but then Adam relaxes back against the bed, and Tommy starts smearing lube, sliding in a finger and trying to remind himself this is somebody's butt here, this should be gross, except Adam keeps himself way clean and even if he's nervous Tommy can tell he's already enjoying himself, squirming a little and spreading his legs so Tommy can reach. Tommy can feel Adam evening out his breathing, trying to chill out, and finally Adam gropes around for Tommy's free hand and holds it.

"I'm ready when you are," he says, and he doesn't sound ready but when Tommy puts a hand on his back it's totally relaxed, just this side of limp. Pliant, and in Tommy's head the far-off image of fixing Adam's lipstick mixes with Adam licking his lips in Malaysia and Tommy nearly groans. Instead he takes a deep breath so he can actually make coherent sound, buying a little time by rolling on the condom, and it almost feels weird to be wearing one, he's gotten so used to not needing it.


Adam turns onto his back and finds Tommy's hands, guiding them down below his own knees. "Over your shoulders," he advises. "Don't be afraid to let me slide, I'll stop you if something hurts."

"Okay," Tommy says again, and lifts Adam's legs up and over, taking Adam at his word and letting his legs slide until his knees catch on the insides of Tommy's elbows, and then he tilts his hips forward and Adam makes this kind of little noise that isn't exactly a moan. Tommy stops, not sure if that's his cue to pull out, but there's just Adam's breathing and then the slipslide of Adam's hand trying to find a free spot on Tommy's shoulder before settling for his neck.

"Go on, I'm good," Adam breathes, and yeah, that's exactly what he's doing, Tommy thinks: counting breaths, the same way Tommy did the first time he warmed Adam's bed. It jogs something else in his head, and Tommy's not really big on bed talk most of the time, but the way Adam does it is growing on him, and finally after he leans against the push of Adam's legs to kiss him Tommy murmurs something against his lips.

"You know why I love you?"

One of the breaths Adam is counting cuts off in the middle, and then Tommy feels him shake his head and wishes he had a free hand to stroke Adam's hair.

"Because you're the only person I've ever met who loves other people the way you do," Tommy tells him. "And you don't take shit for granted like you should get it just 'cause you're you."

He doesn't have Adam's way with words even when he's not having sex, and when he's not on full brain power the idea of even trying for that kind of eloquence is a joke, but he hears the sound Adam makes when he says it and the next sound when Tommy pulls back and then pushes forward again, and for absolutely no logical reason he can think of at all he does something else new on this night of firsts.

He stretches up, balancing his weight on a single arm, finds the edge of the nightstand.

Gropes along it until he finds the cord for the lamp.

And turns on the light.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:45 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 26/??


The scene here is so fragile and tender, and I love that despite a few bumps along the road, Tommy really does love Adam and has good intentions at heart., and it fills me with joy to see him taking care of Adam here. Not necessarily with the sex, but talking to Adam and the fact that he's not naturally eloquent makes his words even more meaningful, IDEK I HAVE SQUEE COMING OUT OF MY EARS.

This is where your abilities as a writer once again leaves me with GIANT HEARTS IN THE EYES because you totally built up to that moment with the light. Even though you told me I would like it, it still caught me by surprise because I'd totally forgotten about the dark thing, I was so caught up in the OMG ADAM'S BOTTOMING OMG. I love that Tommy's sharing a first-time that's meaningful to him, and it makes a beautiful kind of sense that he did it while physically in a position that is familiar to him, but emotionally this totally feels like new ground.

Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:46 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 25/??
LOL yay :D thank you!
Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:33 am (UTC)
Re: Here In The Dark, 27/??
The light is almost too bright, even though it's one of those low-watt bulbs that aren't worth shit, and for a few seconds Tommy has to slit his eyes against it. Then his vision clears and he looks down, and it's his turn to miss a breath. This is what I've been missing this whole time?

Adam's hair is spread in an inky pool against the white sheets, most of his freckles all but invisible against the dark flush across his cheeks and nose, mouth open, his head thrown back and exposing the line of his neck like he has absolutely nothing to fear. His eyes are closed, and Tommy can just see his lashes, stained dark by night after night of heavy mascara, fanned out against his skin before Adam registers the light and opens his eyes.

Tommy's heard people talk before about their partners being hot during sex. He's never understood it until now.

"Oh my god, you're fucking gorgeous," he manages, and yeah, it probably shouldn't be possible for Adam to be flushed and hard and blushing and not passing out from lack of blood to places that aren't his face or cock, especially given the size of the latter, but he's managing it somehow. He slides his hand from the back of Tommy's neck up and through Tommy's fringe, pushing it out of his face, looking, studying, and Tommy wonders if Adam knows that when he's aroused he has sort of these green rings around the edges of his pupils that aren't normally there. Then he feels Adam's fingers tracing over the lines in his sleeve, and he's probably way the fuck off because he's not looking anywhere near Tommy's arm (or maybe he's perfectly on, it'd be par for Adam's course for him to have perfectly memorised the colours and edges and positions of every single tattoo Tommy's got), but it feels fucking incredible, and finally Tommy makes some kind of noise and leans forward to kiss Adam again, and Adam's hand tightens in his hair and just before their lips meet he murmurs a single word.


And yeah, there's no good way to deny that's a moan. Or that even topping, he's Adam's bottom now, because Tommy fucking hates being told what to do and those two half-trembling syllables would have been enough to get him hard, if he'd been jerking Adam off instead of fucking him.

Tommy flops bonelessly onto the sheets when they've finished, Adam's come still spattered over his stomach and sweat still beaded across his shoulders and collarbone. Eventually he's going to have to get up and get something to wash with. He knows that. He just needs to be able to walk again first.

Adam opens his eyes and looks over, and when his glance catches Tommy's he smiles before rolling onto his side and making sure Tommy can't ever say he's never been thoroughly kissed. It's deep, Adam's tongue pressed against his and tracing the roof of Tommy's mouth, but it's also slow and sweet, and apart from the whole French thing (and the being naked part, can't forget that) it's so neutral, just a quiet sharing of pleasure with no lust attached, that it's almost innocent, and when he pulls back he smiles again, this time against Tommy's mouth.

"That was incredible."

"Yeah," Tommy agrees, and it's going to mean they both need to wash up, but he doesn't really care—he just winds his arms around Adam's neck and presses close to him, and honestly, he'd be content to sleep this way and leave the shower for the morning, it's not like they're going out in public again tonight, and then he thinks he hears Adam murmur thank you for something, but he's not really sure.

And yeah—that shower's going to have to be in the morning, because Tommy's too busy falling asleep in Adam's arms to care.
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