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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Oct. 11th, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
Tommy/Adam, bondage
Adam says he's the master of pain and pleasure, but the truth is, it's 90% talk. Tommy, however, knows quite a lot . . .

Yes. Top!Tommy, ~teaching bottom!Adam about everybody's favourite kink. Bonus points for having to get ~creative with implements because they're on tour (Adam wears a lot of ties, okay, that's all I'm saying).

Okay creepy I have my media player on shuffle and FYE came on as I typed "master of pain and pleasure" OBVIOUSLY THIS IS SOME KIND OF SIGN.
Oct. 11th, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
Want Your Hex: 12/??
Adam stares. He's a little high, yes, but what Tommy's saying isn't connecting for him at all. “What—“

“I mean if you want to try it, I'm not gonna say no,” Tommy says. “If it was me, I'd want to.”

“Try—“ Adam's pretty sure he's missing something. Tommy takes his joint and stubs it, then lays down next to him on the bed. Adam reaches out automatically to hug him and then snuggles against him, enjoying the sensation of both holding and being held from both sides at the same time.

“Hey, I'll do anything once,” Tommy tells him. “I'd say now's a good time.” He smiles up suddenly, and Adam's almost taken aback by the sweet earnestness in that smile. “It'd be pretty damn easy for you to tell if anything went wrong, right?”

Adam finally puts the pieces together and immediately shakes his head. “Tommy, you don't—“

“Cut the chaste hero bullshit, would you?” The look Tommy's giving him is irritated, and Adam almost wants to wince away from it. “Just because I've never fucked a guy doesn't mean I've never thought about what it might be like.” He curls closer to Adam's side, and Adam feels the sudden strange sensation of a heartbeat inside a chest that isn't beneath his head. “If you're gonna be that way then think about it like a way to chill after all this shit. I'm not stupid, I know there's no way in hell today was easy for you. It's not that different from fucking around onstage.”

Adam strokes Tommy's hair and feels a set of fingers in his own, running against his scalp in a way that makes no sense whatsoever—for someone with short hair. “Except onstage there's lights, makeup, music, an audience, and no bed,” Adam points out. “And we're not naked.”

“And you don't freak out,” Tommy adds. “That's an important one.” Then he leans up to peck Adam's lips. “Let me tell you something. You know why I don't care? Because I could tell from the first time you kissed me that if I said 'no more' you'd quit, even if it looked to everybody else like you were the one calling the shots.” He reaches down to the hem of his shirt and wiggles it off over his head. “Prove me right.”

Adam thinks of telling him to cut that shit out. Then he leans down and closes his eyes and kisses, gentle and sweet and just skating the edge of chaste, and then Tommy nips at his lower lip and Adam feels two mouths on his own, one still just a press of lips on lips and one licking and nibbling and asking to play. He answers the second one when he opens his mouth and kisses back, tongue running over Tommy's lips, exploring his teeth and that little ridge just behind them that makes Tommy go totally limp, and now Adam knows why, because on him it's ticklish and on Tommy it's just good, that spot that makes you go oh yeah and mumble nonsense (or would, if there wasn't a second tongue in the way), and when Tommy slides his hands under Adam's shirt to pull it off Adam breaks away only long enough to get it over his head. Then they're skin to skin, fingers dancing over waistbands and pulling away again, Tommy mapping out Adam's freckles with his hands and Adam tracing an old scar from Tommy's first and only attempt at skateboard tricks. He feels metal under his fingers and wants to tell Tommy to slow down, but before he can his fly's unzipped and Tommy's laying them both bare next to one another.

“Shouldn't you be a little more nervous about all this?” Adam asks, even though he knows half of it is going to be lost to stuttering and shocked gasping. He's starting to wonder if Tommy's been having him on about this whole never sleeping with a guy thing. Tommy grins up at him.

“I don't know, should I be?” Then he snuggles right up against Adam again, both of them naked from top to bottom and pressed against each other, Adam feeling his own warmth reflected back at him as he curls instinctively around Tommy to keep him warm. “You have stuff?”

“Lube. No condoms,” Adam admits. “After last tour I didn't—“ Tommy hits a ticklish spot in the middle of Adam's back, and while he doesn't squeak exactly his voice does break—“want to bring anything I wasn't going to use.”
Oct. 11th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
And I'm talking about the sort of school that requires uniforms.

An oldie but goodie, me thinks.
Oct. 11th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
Adam+Tommy+ballroom dancing
would prefer it if they were just learning, but whatever suits you best, dear nonie.
Oct. 11th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Asunder END
This is such a powerful story. My heart was breaking for Tommy through the entire story. I'm so glad you didn't short-cut the recovery for Tommy - what he went through was horrific, and not something he would get over easily or quickly. Your expression of his reactions and his thoughts feels so authentic as reactions to the attack and the aftermath. Adam was just wonderful, with his sensitive and caring approach, giving Tommy what he needs without overwhelming him. The reactions of the rest of the group are also believable, with the need for all of them to adjust to just how this changed their lives. I love how sensitively and realistically you handled this, and how Tommy is able to feel a small measure of hope at the end, even tempered as it is with his ongoing post-trauma feelings. You've gifted us with a really compelling and moving story.
Oct. 11th, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
Re: Want Your Hex: 12/??

I love that Tommy's being the rational one here, and also how it's clear that he does know Adam really well, with a suggestion that he had complete trust in Adam right from the start. You also summarized their dynamic really well, imo: it looks like Adam is always in charge, but at the end of the day, he only does stuff with Tommy's consent.

Oct. 11th, 2010 04:15 am (UTC)
I really want secret!weapons!badass!Taylor fic now, thanks to this http://twitter.com/unico_iho821/status/27000571094 and this http://twitter.com/unico_iho821/status/27000790032

Maybe he's an undercover federal agent, maybe he just secretly likes playing with ~guns, IDK. But I want it.
Oct. 11th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Oct. 11th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED! The Sniff Test 4/4

Oct. 11th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Asunder END
Aww, bb. I didn't comment throughout because it's hard for me to keep track of this format, but I very much liked the minimalistic approach you took with it. This was great. I feel that there was a lot more said in the spaces between the lines that really fleshed it out.
Oct. 11th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED! The Sniff Test 4/4

Oct. 11th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)
Re: Filled: Asunder END
Just thank you. For the fact that it wasn't miraculously "all better", and that Tommy is still & will continue to battle this inner demon. This ending was faithful to the story and so honest.
Oct. 11th, 2010 07:18 am (UTC)
Want Your Hex: 13/??
There's a pause while Tommy takes in that information—probably not quite what he expected to hear, Adam thinks, but he can't exactly lie. Screwing random groupies isn't his thing, and what else would he have needed them for? “Are you, you know, okay without?”

“Before-tour physical says yes,” Adam says. “Whether or not you want to believe it is up to you.”

Tommy's quiet. Then he sits up and throws his leg over Adam's, and Adam gasps at the double sensation of a naked (and very pretty) man straddling his legs and the feel of his own legs being astride someone, relaxed, trusting. “I got tested a couple of months ago,” he finally says. “I'm okay.”

Adam should probably nod some kind of acknowledgement, but he's too busy reminding himself to breathe as Tommy shifts around, getting comfortable, cock pressing against Adam's leg (and that's interesting in more ways than one right now), hands on Adam's arms and stroking his hair. He's also got the feeling he should be offering some kind of advice, or encouragement, or something, but his brain isn't quite up to it, and it's not until Tommy actually asks that Adam gets hold of himself enough to tell him where the lube is—right in the nightstand, where he had serious plans for it (because the bed in the bus is okay, but nothing beats not having to worry about construction zones) until this whole weird fiasco derailed them. Tommy leans forward to snag the drawer, and as he pulls away his hair catches on one of the chains Adam was still wearing when he left the venue. Tommy reaches for the clasp on the little diamond Paula got when Adam ended his Idol run and fumbles it. Adam bats at him.

“Don't, you'll break it,” he protests, and then Tommy kisses the side of his neck and he moans. “Hey, don't get any ideas—“

“Yeah, I know, I know, you're a top, you're Adam fucking paragon of masculinity Lambert, don't get your panties in a bunch,” Tommy says. “Chill.” He uncaps the little tube from Adam's nightstand and squeezes some of it out and before Adam can protest again he's making a noise too loud to be a gasp, because it feels like a finger inside of him but he's played around with himself enough to know it's not, that's Tommy in Tommy he's feeling, and finally to distract himself (and without really thinking it through) he takes the tube and drizzles some of the lube over his own fingers, because Tommy may be excited about the prospect of trying something new but hardons don't just happen, and when he wraps his hand around Tommy's cock and strokes from balls to tip in a single long stroke he simultaneously jerks upward and opens his eyes wide.

“The hell—?” he finally manages to stutter, and Tommy pauses (and fuck Adam isn't sure if he wants him paused or not) to look down at him.


This,” Adam breathes, rubbing his fingers over part of Tommy's shaft just enough to not drive himself batshit insane. “What the hell?”

Tommy blinks at him. Then he looks down between them, and Adam sees comprehension dawning on his face.

“You've never seen a guy who's not cut,” Tommy says—not asks, says. Tommy grabs Adam's cock with his free hand, and Adam grabs Tommy's arm hard enough that he can feel his own fingernails biting into skin on his arm that won't be marked come morning. “It's seriously that different?”

“Yeah. Mom's gonna kill me, I'm supposed to be looking for a nice Jewish boy to settle down with,” Adam spits out, not even entirely aware he's said it until Tommy starts laughing and rocks forward and then back and his hand is still back there, and between the sensation of Tommy's cock against his and Tommy's fingers not in Adam's ass, Adam nearly sees stars. Then the second sensation disappears, and Adam can breathe again while Tommy looks down at him, one hand on Adam's shoulder and the other on his thigh, balancing.

“How much of this do you have to do, anyway?” Tommy asks, and Adam forces himself to focus. It's not just a matter of pleasure; if they're going bare it'll be that much easier for Tommy to be hurt.

“It . . . depends on how relaxed you are already,” Adam says, making himself concentrate and trying to ignore the throbbing of two cocks at once. “Until you're comfortable.” Hopefully before Adam goes insane.
Oct. 11th, 2010 07:24 am (UTC)
Re: Want Your Hex: 13/??

So hot, omg, and they've just started! I'm so glad you're fully ~exploring the implications of this prompt bb!
Oct. 11th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
Want Your Hex: 14/?? (but the end is in sight)
Tommy considers. Then he takes the lube from Adam and goes back to what he was doing, pushing a second finger in alongside the first and fuck, Adam thinks, maybe he should have thought through this whole being on top thing just this once. He's used to guys who are used to this whole thing and don't think twice about doing thirty seconds of prep (if any, although Adam only remembers Brad making that mistake once) and getting down to business, and while he doesn't begrudge Tommy wanting to be able to walk in the morning, asking him to be patient right now is like asking him to just not breathe for an hour or two.

Finally he can't take it anymore, and he grabs Tommy's shoulders to pull him down so they can kiss again, because Adam's barely being touched and he's going crazy from tactile overload. Tommy lets himself be moved easily, just like they're onstage and Adam's in the lead, and when they're flush against each other and he can feel Tommy's heartbeat against his own he tangles Tommy in his arms and won't let go, because if Adam tries tangling his fingers in the sheets to ground himself he's going to end up tearing them.

Tommy finally breaks the kiss they've been more or less locked in, and to Adam it's like one continuous exhale—he can feel his breath on Tommy's lips and Tommy's breath on his own, and yeah, that's pretty good, it feels sweet and close and connected and then Tommy rests his forehead against Adam's and the whole looking-into-each-others'-eyes thing gets too hard for Adam to handle, so he closes his.

“Think I'm ready,” Tommy murmurs, and Adam just nods; he waved goodbye to coherency a long time ago. Tommy sits up, supports himself against the bed with his hands, and lifts himself up, and Adam has just enough sense left to put his hands on Tommy's hips and guide him over and down and fuck, Adam definitely should have thought through this topping thing. He's heard from more than one guy that's he's big, but Adam's never really done the whole size-comparison thing, and feeling what it's like for someone else is both totally unreal and a source of sudden anxiety, because there's no way in hell Tommy's actually ready for this, not the way it feels from Adam's end, regardless of the single intent sigh Tommy makes as he shifts around until he's fully seated. “Fuck, Adam,” he breathes, and when he moves it's all Adam can do not to scream and bring hotel staff scrambling to the room.

Adam feels dots of discomfort, not quite pain, along his hips and in some far-off part of himself knows he's holding onto Tommy way too hard, he's going to have bruises tomorrow, but then Tommy takes a deep breath and starts rocking against him and Adam can't quite get enough control over himself to pry his fingers open. A garbled snatch of lyric—there's no way to ring the alarm, so hold on until it's over, I'm about to turn up the heat, I'm here for your entertainment—flits through his head, and he might say something aloud about never being able to perform it with a straight face again and he might say something about knowing what that means now, but both thoughts are half-complete at best and Adam's long since stopped differentiating between what comes out of his mouth—something is, he can feel his lips moving, but for all the attention he's paying it could just as easily be the list of stuff he needs to pick up for the bus tomorrow as anything that might make some remote kind of sense—and what's in his head.

He feels hands on his arms and feels his own hands on Tommy's arms even though they're still really on his hips, and then Tommy's using Adam's entire upper body as leverage to rock, and Adam can only hope there's nobody in the next room because normal bedroom habits aside there's no way to not scream with Tommy around him and himself in him, and he's pretty sure he does whimper out something about middle-filling that might or might not actually make sense in context, because there's lovemaking and then there's fucking and then there's this, and what this is he has no idea but he's pretty sure if it doesn't end soon he's going to lose his mind.
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