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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Aug. 14th, 2010 05:33 am (UTC)
Bradam: reunion

This tweeting each other ~reminiscing about "that summer" thing is totally making me CRAVE reunion fic. LIKE CRAZY.

I don't care about specifics, really. As long as there's Adam, Brad and a happy (hopefully also porny...) ending, I'll be ECSTATIC! :D!
Aug. 14th, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)
Re: Bradam: reunion
Yes, please! Those tweets... <3______<3
Aug. 14th, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)
Re: Bradam: reunion
Waaaannnnttttt! ♥_♥
Aug. 15th, 2010 11:35 am (UTC)
Re: Bradam: reunion
Aug. 17th, 2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
On Repeat (1/?)
I always wanted this too, and kind of started something. Let me know if you want the rest. (I hope more writers fill this prompt, cause really, it's amazing)


Adam hadn't been this excited since his Idol audition, which meant a lot. He didn't even know why he was so on edge, it wasn't like they were going to see each other for the first time.

Although technically, Adam thought, it *would* be the first time after his Vegas show. Even thinking of the word Vegas made his lips curl around the corners, leading into a sheepish grin, accompanied by a slight twitch in his pants. Oh yeah, his dick definitely remembered.

He didn't know what it was, or what they were doing. All he knew was that he'd had the best sex in his life during the past couple of weeks. Adam still couldn't wrap his head around the reality of it, and thinking about tomorrow night wasn't exactly helping either. It was when he snapped out his iPhone to look at Brad's last tweet "I will always have that summer on repeat" that he heard the knock on his door. The door opened, but no head peered in

"Adam, stage in five ?" It was Monte, ever so respectful towards Adam.

"Sure, thanks Monte" with a flicker of Monte's hand waving to mean no problem, the door was closed again. Adam read the tweet over and over, and he couldn't help thinking the possibility that Brad may have been serious. He knew *he* would always have that summer on repeat, but he didn't know if Brad was being sincere, or messing with innuendos and puns which they always seemed to be doing. He hoped that he could get some sense of where this was going before it got out of control. Sure, Brad was still the best lay he ever had, but if their newly reinstated casual sex was to ever threaten their friendship, Adam wouldn't even hesitate to put an end to it. He had, after all, settled for that in the past; even though it hurt more than anything to see Brad with other guys, it was incomparable to the hurt he would feel if he didn't have him in his life at all. He got startled by the buzzing in his hands, and realized Monte had texted him, probably telling him to get his ass on stage. Thinking he could use a little fuel before the show, he went through his picture folder, until he found the one named Vegas_2.jpg. Looking at a photo of Brad's parted lips with his hand down his thights was more than enough fuel he could ask for ; he was glad to see his cock seemed to agree, twitching in his leather pants as he made his way on to the stage.

The show was without dispute, one of the best so far. The crowd was fucking amazing ; radiating raw energy, enabling Adam’s inner Maxwell Demon, shredding his modesty. An electrified crowd was all that Adam really needed to unleash himself on stage, but lately the mental image of Brad spread wide on his sheets was topping everything.

In the form of the sweaty, glittery mess that he became post show, Adam headed towards the shower, with a different mental image that forced him to bite down on his lip, muffling his moans as he came with the hot water running down his skin, washing away the glitter and the exhaustion .

Feeling relaxed and content, he fell asleep, smiling at the butterflies in his stomach, just like the ones he had during the very first months of his relationship with Brad...
Aug. 18th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (1/?)
OP here and, oh, please, please, continue! *grabby hands*
Aug. 18th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (1/?)
Love this so far. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (2/?)
Sorry to keep you waiting. This is my first time ever writing porn and bradam, so I hope I didn't screw it up.


Adam was still trying to work out a strategy on how to bring up his concerns when he was sitting at the back seat of his cab, tapping his fingers on his phone unconsciously.
Distant sound of the raindrops hitting the tinted glass must have had a somewhat relaxing effect on Adam, as he decided to walk the remaining few blocks.
The rain was light on his soft hair, and it smelled that "fresh rain" smell. Soon, Adam was washed clean of his worries, a smile settling playfully on the corners of his mouth.

So the light rain, as light as it was, was still rain, and he was drizzling water on to the marbles of the hotel lobby when he made his entrance. He believed he was on his lucky day, since no one had recognized him yet. He loved his fans dearly, but he didn't want a group of people, and eventually the paps camping out, waiting for him and his "boy toy of the night" to come out. The headlines made him laugh sometimes, and also he didn't want to freak out Brad, or put him in an uncomfortable position.
He spotted the reception, and after a moment and a few disapproving looks that he assumed was for the little pool of water on fancy marbles, Adam was notified that his company was already up in the room he had reserved.

So Brad was already here. He felt the excitement building up again, as he made it to the elevator. Although it seemed like a nice idea at the time, he was sort of regretting the decision to walk here, because now his hair was probably sticking to his head, which was unacceptable in Adam's world. Giving it a tousle and a shake, he hoped for the best and who knew, maybe Brad didn't look at his best either.
He observed, not all that surprised, that his assumption was extremely far off as Brad greeted him at the door. He looked as every bit as fucking gorgeous Adam could think of, leaning against the side, his other hand holding the door ajar. He felt his stomach do a back flip as Brad smiled at him, huge brown eyes boring into his beneath those long lashes.
After a moment which felt more like an hour to Adam, Brad stepped aside to let him in.


"Sorry, I - I kinda walked a little on the way over" Adam was half hating his teenage high school boy nervousness, that he didn't even know why was present. It was Brad for God's sake.

"Ah, the rain drops leave stains on the limo don't they.."

Adam just shook his head laughing "Oh shut up"

"So..everything okay ?"

"Yeah you know. It's tiring, but it's what I signed up for, it's what I've wanted."

"That, you did.." Brad said, lowering his voice, and dropping his eyes on the floor.

No matter how much time had passed, it was still a sore subject between them. His mind scrambling to change the mood that had quite obviously was beginning to shift, Adam did the next best thing he could think of.

"But, now.. I want, this "

Brad's mouth was hot against his wet skin as he grabbed the back of his head and sunk his teeth in his lower lip. Apparently, Brad wanted that too, pressing his torso against Adam's, sliding his tongue inside and licking the roof of his mouth. Droplets were running down Adam's forehead, tracing their path onto Brad where their lips met.

"You're so fucking hot"
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (3/?)
Adam both meant it in both ways, as Brad was really radiating heat onto him. He drifted his hands down Brad's back, onto his ass, squeezing those perfect cheeks under the skin tight thights he was wearing. Brad shivered as he felt Adam's cold hands on his bare ass, but he didn't stop, moaning into Adam's mouth, slowly beginning to rub against his crotch. Adam groaned, getting harder, feeling Brad's hard on against his own. He lift his leg, grinding it against Brad's cock, now visibly erect under the thin material, squeezing his ass harder, pulling him up, fingers occasionally brushing against his tight hole, making Brad moan louder, biting his lips, biting his neck. Adam gasped as Brad's hands found their way under his shirt, onto his nipples.
The piercings had been a wise choice, Adam concluded once again, as Brad's fingers pressed against his already erect nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through his whole body.

"I want to fuck you" Adam whispered in Brad's mouth, his breath all hitched and heavy.

Brad pulled back and gazed into his eyes ; eyelashes fluttering, another moan escaping his slightly parted lips as Adam pressed his fingers onto his hole again, teasing. Adam loved seeing Brad like this, letting go and moaning uncontrollably especially when he was the one initiating it.

"What are you waiting for then ?" Brad managed his voice rasp ,croaking from pleasure.

Adam was quicker than expected when it came to taking his clothes off, and he was already standing in the midst of tousled clothes sprawled around him, including his briefs. Before Brad could get rid of his thights, he was being pinned down on the bed with a protest.

"Allow me" Adam got off on teasing Brad, watching him come to the point where he almost begged for it, fingers gripping the sheets.

Adam was on top of Brad, his hands holding Brad's wrists above his head, stretching his body even further. He started brushing his lips softly against Brad's face, planting small kisses, letting his tongue run across his exposed neck, biting, marking, sucking on his collar bone while Brad was mumbling incoherent words in between moans yeah... Adam.. ahh
He started gliding his hands downwards dragging his palms across Brad's chest, until they reached the start of his thights, the fabric now slightly damp with the leaking precome.

"Adam, please.."

But Adam just pressed his hand against Brad's throbbing cock, feeling the wetness and heat under his hand, sliding underneath, squeezing his balls, while Brad desperately tried to rub against his palm, getting up on his elbows.

"Please, I-"

The crack in his voice drove Adam even wilder, his own cock pressing against his stomach, leaking at the head. Leaning over the side of the bed, his hands scrambled through the pile of clothes, until he managed to find his jeans, retrieving the tiny bottle from his pocket.

Popping up the cap, he poured a generous amount of lube onto his hand, also smearing it on his cock, now slick with precome and the slimy liquid. He took one last look at Brad's face, now beaded with sweat drops, licking his lips, panting.

Aug. 21st, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (4/?)
"Fuck. You're so fucking beautiful"

With that, he softly nudged Brad on the side, and Brad got the memo, managing to flip onto his chest, his cheek pressing down on the pillow. Adam stroked his own cock a few more times admiring his view, as Brad repositioned himself, lifting up his ass.
Adam started from down below, running his hands up and down Brad's shins, and the back of his things, making Brad twitch under his hands. He heard Brad moan in relief once he slid down the thights, not all the way, but enough so that his ass was exposed now, revealing his cock pressing hard against his belly, balls wet with precome.
Adam started massaging between his thighs, cupping his balls, applying the perfect amount of pressure, getting them both more aroused. He separated Brad's legs even more using his knees, enjoying the slightly pink flush on Brad's face, caused by his exposition. He started rubbing his thumb around the tight ring of muscle, making it slick with lube, spreading him even wider, the other hand stroking his own cock. Brad let out muffled groans and meaningless words against the pillow each time Adam added a finger, twisting them inside, sending shocks of pleasure rippling through his entire body, shaking him with ecstatic pleasure.

Seeing Brad writhe before him, lifting his ass more, fucking himself on Adam's fingers was too much to bare, as much as he enjoyed fingering Brad, he enjoyed his dick inside him even more. He removed his fingers, resulting in a heavy sigh from Brad, and pressed the head of his cock against Brads entrance. He held Brad's hips with both hands, as he started thrusting into him slowly at first, letting him adjust. Adam was big, and he knew it wasn't easy for his partners to take all of him, but Brad had always been wonderful, it was almost as if he was complementing Adam's cock, in every way possible.

Adam's moans got louder as Brad started rocking back onto his cock, one minute muscles flexing around his cock, and relaxing the next. As they got into a rhythm, it didn't take long for Adam to come. After a few more thrusts, his balls slapping against Brad's thighs, he was coming deep inside Brad,

"O..ooh-aa-ah YEAH, BRAD YOU'RE - FUCK !"

Before pulling out, he closed his hand the shaft of Brad's cock, his own come dripping from his balls onto the now completely messed up thights, he started jerking him off, with quick and steady motions. Soon, Brad was joining him with his screams of pleasure, coming in hot spurts all over himself and the sheets.
They were both shaking with the aftershocks of mind blowing orgasms they always seemed to share, as Adam pulled out slowly, as Brad winced slightly, and as the room was quiet once again.

Brad lay on the bed, while Adam got up, smiling at the frame like scene. Brad was sheepishly grinning back at him, those meaningful eyes burning a hole in Adam's chest, as it dawned on him that he either had to make the talk, or leave with the feeling of uncertainty eating him up from the inside -again.

"I'm just gonna take a quick shower" he said, heading towards the bathroom, hearing a "mhm" sound in response from Brad.

He was trying to collect his thoughts, hot water running down his freckled body. Despite all his efforts, the blood must have refused to flow back to his brain, because Adam didn't remember feeling so unprepared for something during his entire existence, including his Idol auditions. He wrapped a towel around his waist, stalled as much as he could without being obvious, dried of his hair and went back out. Brad was cleaned up too, Adam noticed the wet wipes on the night stand and the messed up thights shriveled in the corner.
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (5/5) - THE END
"So..that was something" Adam was aware that he was riding high on his lack of smart things to say, and he partially blamed Brad for that. It wasn't easy concentrating on his words when Brad was still fully naked, limping lightly as he walked towards the edge of the bed to sit down.

"It really was" Okay, so Brad wasn't doing much better either, to Adam's relief.

They were both quiet for a moment, and Adam would have given everything to know what he was thinking. They used to just know, without even speaking, with a passing glance, with a slight touch. Now, he felt just lost, standing there with a towel wrapped around him, trying to figure things out. He wanted the old Brad and Adam back, not these two guys who just met up occasionally to shag, and then just falling silent.

"Brad, we need to - I need to talk." Adam swallowed as Brad tilted his gaze upwards, this was either going to get them back together, or screw things up irreversibly. So, no pressure or anything.

"I don't like this." He noticed Brad's eyebrows rising as his eyes grew wider,

"No, not. Not that" he made a meaningless gesture with a flicker of his towards the bed.

"I love that, believe me, I do. I don't like this, us, the way things are right now."

"Oh fuck you." Whoa. Okay. So not quite the reaction he expected. He watched Brad get up with a clenched jaw, eyes scanning the room for whatever piece of clothing he had there.

"You don't like the way things are between us, that's just great Adam, fucking great, because I fucking love meeting like we're fugitives, only to fuck, ON YOUR CALL, when you feel like it, because yeah, wait, let me remember, what was it, oh yeah you were 'super busy' right now. And I was even okay with that, but you know what ? If you don't like the way things are between us, well. Fuck that, Adam, I'm out. I'm glad you made it clear, nice to see you finally fucking owning up to something"

His voice cracked on the last sentence, with Adam's heart. He wasn't crying, but Adam could tell it was taking a tremendous effort on his part to keep it together, and he looked a little terrified by his own outburst too.

"I didn't mean it like that.." Adam said softly, pain spreading across his chest. Knot in his throat getting bigger.

"Well, how the fuck did you mean it like that then ?" Tears were streaming down his cheeks now, and all of a sudden, Adam hated himself. Hated himself for hurting Brad, even if it was all a misunderstanding.

"I meant," Adam said walking over to Brad and holding his face in his hands, forcing their eyes to meet ;
"that I wouldn't be able to this anymore, because I fucking love you too much, and I need you to be with me, at whatever cost, through all of this crazy shit. I need you by my side, I need you with me, looking at me like that,knowing me like that. I just need - I just need you."

Brad had stopped dead in his tracks, not even moving his jaw, and to Adam's surprise, his eyes had grown even wider. Adam never thought it was possible.

"Oh." Brad's voice was weak as Adam broke his hold, anxious for what was to come.

"And ? I need to know Brad." Adam feared the answer with his every living cell, but it was too late to take anything back now. He just prayed for the feelings to be mutual.

"I have one condition."

Adam's face lit up ; "Anything."

"That" Brad was pointing down at his shirt on the floor "is NOT coming back with us"

It took a moment for Adam to register, and once the moment was over, he was laughing into Bra- his lover's mouth, hugging him so tightly letting him know that never again, he would ever let go.
Aug. 26th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
Re: On Repeat (5/5) - THE END
Awww, this was really sweet and poor Brad...he was so hurt there for a second...


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