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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Sep. 25th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Isaac, Adam/Tommy
Isaac stumbles on Adam and Tommy having sex and the boys give him a show. No threesome, please.
Sep. 26th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
filled: Mirage
typing this in the comment box so sorry for errors.

There was something in the weed. Probably there were other reasons for Isaac to have accidentally walked into a utility closet--hotel with a billion rooms, bad sense of direction, hadn't slept in twenty-four hours--but he was going to blame it on the weed.

The other thing he was going to blame on it? The hallucination in front of him that looked a hell of a lot like Tommy with his pants down and his shirt rucked up, legs around Adam's naked hips and his back sliding up and down the wall.

These hallucinations passed if he stood still a minute.

"Think he wants to join in," Tommy said. Adam turned around. He arched an eyebrow. Isaac gave him an up-nod. He didn't normally interact with the hallucinations. Except that one time. L.A. Desert. Woke up with a cactus. Not good.

"Nah," Adam said. "Think he wants to fuck you. That it Isaac?" Adam was still staring at him, looking a little evil with his half-smile smug as a boss. "You thinking about how tight our Tommy is? He loves cock sliding into him. Don't you, baby?" Adam kept right on fucking him while he talked. Tommy writhed and shook, his head lolling back and forth as he fisted Adam's shirt to keep himself upright.

"Love it," Tommy said. He pulled himself up and bit Adam on the shoulder.

Isaac pinched his nose. Usually it didn't take this long. He palmed his cock over his jeans, then figured 'what the hell' and took it out. Fantasizing about two guys was new, but he wasn't going to waste an erection, was he? Might make it awkward at breakfast, but he was hardly going to tell Tommy and Adam they'd been his wank material.

"Nice," Adam said.

"Thanks." Isaac responded automatically to the compliment. Manners and all.

"Don't think he wants to fuck me," Tommy said. He had dropped his legs down to Adam's thighs and hoisted himself up higher like Adam was a tree to be climbed.

"No?" Adam asked. "What's he want then?"

"He wants you to fuck him."

They both looked over at Isaac; Adam with renewed interest and Tommy now with that smugness. Isaac spit on his hand and jerked off a little faster.

"You want to feel Adam's cock in you? Think you can take it? Feels so good inside you, stretching you out, stroking you on the inside so perfect." Tommy dropped down again, startling a grunt out of himself and Adam as he slid down his cock. Adam held onto Tommy's hips and fucked him hard a few times. Tommy's mouth fell open as he stared at Isaac. "Yeah. Fucking biggest I've ever. Fuck."

"Coming baby. Where do you want it?" Adam asked between stuttered breaths.

"Face," Tommy said with as much difficulty.

Adam pulled him off his cock and lowered him to the floor. Tommy dropped to his knees; mouth open, eyes closed. "You decide which one of us you want to be yet?" Adam asked as he emptied himself in stripes across Tommy's cheeks and eyes and lips.

Isaac shuddered out his release. It splattered on the linoleum floor. He gave himself a few seconds to come back down before putting himself away. He looked up, expecting to be alone. Instead, Tommy and Adam were standing next to the utility sink. Adam was gently washing Tommy's face. They didn't turn around when Isaac tripped over his feet turning towards the door.

He stood out in the hall going over it. Since when did hallucinations seem more into each other than him? That was some kind of fucked up fantasy, right? His hand was still on the doorknob. He could open it again and just check. Maybe it was real...

Laughing to himself, he pulled his hand away and stumbled down the hall. There was no fucking way that was real.

the end
Sep. 26th, 2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
jfc, hot like burning
Sep. 27th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
This was really good, would love to see what happens the next morning, lol.
Sep. 27th, 2010 11:05 am (UTC)
OP here

I love this. Thank you, Anon <3
Sep. 28th, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
oo liked it! :-)
Sep. 29th, 2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
Sep. 30th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
*whistles* Niiiiice ;D
Oct. 3rd, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
UNF. Gods, that was great. :DD
Oct. 15th, 2010 12:10 pm (UTC)
Re: filled: Mirage
OH damn that was awesome!!!!

I have to admit, I'm not usually one for the money shot of coming on someone's face, but I think what I liked about here is that Adam asked...and then he was actually washing his face off for him after. Nicely done.

Edited at 2010-10-15 12:12 pm (UTC)


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