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Glam Kink Meme Post #1

The Glam Kink Meme Post #1 is now open.

Have fun prompting, writing, reading, and feedbacking. :)

ETA: All prompts are listed here.

ETA2: All filled prompts are archived here.

ETA3 This post is now CLOSED to new prompts.

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Aug. 13th, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
Could I get a supernatural AU with submissive werecheetah!Tommy and dominant/Alpha-any-other-flavor-were!Adam please?
Aug. 14th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)
FILLED! Belly Up 1/3
The thing is that when Tommy took this gig, he thought that the line about Adam’s innate Alpha-ness was just that – a line. He did give some thought about what he’d do if it turned out to be true, but what it boiled down to was the fact that he didn’t think he’d have to worry about it. Neither cheetahs nor wolves generally interbreed, so the chances of anything happening were slim.

The first few times he met Adam, things were good, and once the promo period passed, the only real glitch had been the AMA’s, but that had been Tommy’s idea, and other than that, there was no indication of Adam’s so called Alpha-ness, anyway.

It turns out that being with someone every day is different, though, which Tommy really had no way of knowing – he’s only ever spent that much time with his family and Dave, who might as well be his family.

And yeah, okay, there’ve been people he’s showed his belly for, but Adam constantly makes his cheetah want to roll over and bask in the attention that an Alpha can give him.

It’s stupid. The human part of him knows that his cheetah is essentially a big cat, and that Adam’s wolf is essentially a big dumb dog and that they shouldn’t get along, but convincing his cheetah of that is harder than it should be.

It’s only made worse when Tommy realizes that he’s really the only one that Adam’s wolf ever uses the Alpha-ness on. There are plenty of other submissive weres on the tour – Adam’s fucking tour manager, for one – that he can get to do his bidding, but no, Tommy’s the only one.

Tommy’s also the only one who gets petting and cuddles and awesome presents, but still. The point stands.

He snaps when Adam tells him to get him a bottle of water one day backstage after sound check. He goes on a long-winded rant that ultimately ends in, “I’m not your fucking sub!”

Adam’s eyes go dark, and he stands up, towering over everyone sitting at the table. “What was that?” he asks, voice deceptively quiet. Tommy swallows and tries to ignore his cheetah, who wants him to offer his throat.

This is not the way it’s supposed to be. He’s supposed to have an Alpha who’s claimed him, who loves him, who’ll protect him, not one who’s barely even willing to kiss him. “I said, I’m not your sub,” Tommy repeats, and his voice doesn’t even waver.

There’s a muscle ticking in Adam’s jaw. “Get out of my sight,” he says. Tommy blinks and doesn’t move from his spot.

His stomach feels shaky, and Adam’s looking at him like he’s scum. “I said get out!” Adam shouts, and Tommy flees so fast he knocks his chair over in the process.

He makes it back to the bus somehow and starts shoving his clothes into his bag, heart hammering in his chest. He’s concentrating very hard on not thinking about it, because if he thinks about it he’s gonna cry, and if he starts crying he doesn’t know if he’s gonna be able to stop.

Neil comes after him. “What are you doing?” he demands irritably. Tommy doesn’t answer and keeps shoving shit into his bag. “Man, he’s gonna be pissed if you actually take off. You know that, right?”

“I’m not his sub,” Tommy snaps, shoving one last shirt into his bag and trying to get it to close. “He can be whatever the fuck he wants to be.”

Neil doesn’t say anything for a minute, but Tommy can feel his eyes on his back. “Okay, I really hate you for making me say this, but I’m gonna do it because if I don’t I’ll never hear the end of it. If you leave he’s gonna drag you back with his teeth in your throat and then he’s not gonna let you out of his sight. If you want to be able to take a piss by yourself ever again you can’t walk out that door.”

“He’ll have to fucking catch me, first,” Tommy says, finally getting the bag closed. He turns around to Neil’s unimpressed face.

“Dude, you’re fast, I’ll give you that, but wolves are way better hunters than cheetahs are runners. There’s no way you outrun him.”

Tommy shoves past him, pleased with the way his cheetah isn’t even a little wary of the fact that he just blatantly disrespected an Alpha.

He has to ignore the way his cheetah thinks that his Alpha could take the other one, but he’s still fucking proud if it. “I guess we’ll find out,” he says.
Aug. 14th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED! Belly Up 2/3
He runs for a while, until he tires himself out, and then checks himself into a shitty little motel room with crap water pressure, stiff sheets, and no cable.

His cheetah is pretty snarky with the way it says that Adam spoiled him, that he should go back to Adam, that Adam is the reason he has nice things, but he’s gone pretty much his entire life ignoring what his cheetah thinks, so he falls into the bed and watches some terrible quality tv for a while.

He gets lonely fast. It sucks – he’s never really been all by himself before, always had family or friends or coalition. It doesn’t take long for his uneasiness to set in, either – he’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, he has no one he knows around, and he tends to get into trouble despite his natural submissive nature.

Or maybe because of it, he’s not really sure. Even non-weres seem to pick up on it and think they can bully him into doing something he doesn’t want to.

He falls asleep feeling neglected and under protected. It’s not really a feeling he’s used to.

He runs a little more after he wakes up, and then he hops on a bus for a while. It brings him closer to home, but it’s not like he has any reason to be there, so he’s taking his time.

He picks up dinner at a grocery store, ignoring the blatant stares of some of the guys hanging around. He can’t tell if they want to fuck him or eat him, neither of which really bode well for him, so he hurries back to his motel room, senses on alert.

There’s something off about the motel, though, so he stops before he can get too close to it, squinting at his room from a distance.

He can’t quite figure it out, so he inches a little closer, making sure to take his time. His instincts aren’t telling him to run, which is a little weird, because that’s what they normally do when he’s in some kind of danger.

The smell of Alpha hits him about two hundred feet away. He stops dead in his tracks. If he can smell Alpha from here, Alpha can definitely smell him.

And if Alpha isn’t looking to see who’s on his territory, that means Alpha is waiting for him. Which means there’s only one Alpha it could be – not that Tommy didn’t already know that from the smell.

He drops his food and runs.

This time, he doesn’t stop running until he’s literally staggering down the road, and then he catches a bus. His heart hasn’t stopped pounding since he left the motel, and he knows that makes him a bigger target for other Alphas, but he can’t make it stop.

His cheetah is begging him to go back, or at least to stop running and let Adam find him, let Adam take him home, let Adam take care of him.

He doesn’t. He’s terrified, but he’s still human enough to know that Adam told him to go, and that if Adam wanted him to be his sub he would’ve already claimed him.

The only reason he can think of for Adam coming after him now is because he disrespected him, and for an Alpha that means getting stripped of some of his power. Tommy should just let him take it back, but for an unattached sub that would mean a lashing, and he really, really doesn’t want to be beat.

He swallows a sob and stares blankly at the landscape passing him by. Maybe if he gets home someone can help him.

He doesn’t stop again until he’s literally too tired to think, and then he checks into a pay by the hour motel, promising himself that he’s only gonna sleep a couple of hours, just enough so he can see straight again.

He does wake up again in a couple of hours, but it’s because there’s someone else in the room with him, moving around. Tommy tries to scramble up, but he can’t move at all.

All he can smell is his own distress bleeding off of him, and he knew he should’ve fucking tried harder to get his heartbeat under control, but it’s too late now.

He buries his face in the pillows and tries not to cry.

“Tommy,” a voice says sharply. Tommy shudders and lies very still, trying not to attract more attention to himself. He knows who it is now, and all he can hope is that Adam goes easy on him. He can’t afford to stay in this motel while his back heals, not with their rates.
Aug. 14th, 2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED! Belly Up 3/3
All of a sudden, there’s a warm, heavy weight along his back, pressing him into the mattress. “Should’ve just done this the first time I laid eyes on you,” Adam says viciously, yanking Tommy’s shirt up, practically ripping it in two.

Tommy makes a sound into the pillows, fighting with himself to keep as still as possible. There’s a part of him that’s hoping – irrationally – that if he plays dead Adam will leave him alone.

“Not gonna play this game with you anymore,” Adam says, dragging Tommy’s pants down. They get tangled around his ankles, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Adam, because he’s pulling Tommy’s ass cheeks apart, ignoring the way that Tommy jerks and spits curses at him.

This isn’t going the way he thought it would at all.

And then Adam’s tongue is jabbing into him, sweet little fucks that make Tommy’s thighs try to spread, give him more room to work.

Tommy moans into the pillows, fists clenching above his head. He’s completely hard, dripping against the sheets, but Adam doesn’t seem to care – keeps licking into him until Tommy’s wet and open, drooling spit into him.

It feels – different. Good. But not enough. He wiggles his ass a little, hoping to get a finger, maybe.

He just gets a stinging slap on the ass, hard enough to leave a lasting burn.

He doesn’t know how long it goes on for. “Please,” he says finally, “Adam, please, I want.”

Adam slaps him again before he can finish. “You’ll get whatever I give you,” he says. “Fucking took off on me and now you’re trying to tell me what to fucking do.” He slaps him again, on the thigh this time, and it stings.

“’m sorry,” Tommy says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” He doesn’t finish the sentence, but Adam smells his sincerity, maybe, because he’s moving around behind Tommy.

“You do now,” he says, and then he’s pushing in, and it burns. It stretches, and it hurts, and it’s not good.

But. His cheetah is ready to roll over, despite the pain.

So Tommy just whimpers and takes it and takes it and takes it, and when Adam gets close, he’s ready to come, too. “No,” Adam says, slamming into him faster. “You’re not going to come, do you understand me?”

Tommy nods, biting his lip, and when Adam comes he sinks his teeth into the back of Tommy’s neck.

Adam fucks him three more times before Tommy gets to come, and when he does it’s so good he practically blacks out.

When he’s finally able to focus, he’s untied, but Adam’s still stretched out over his back, nosing at the bite mark he left. He shivers when Adam bites again, softer this time.

A few seconds later, Adam’s weight lifts off of him. “Roll over,” he says. Tommy does, wincing at the burn in his ass and his muscles.

He fights with his cheetah not to bare his throat like it wants him to, but eventually the urge wins out and he drops his head back.

Adam’s on him in a split second, teeth closing around Tommy’s skin. “So good for me now,” he murmurs, letting go and dragging his mouth up Tommy’s throat to settle at his jaw.

“I was good before,” Tommy says, made bold because of his cheetah insisting that they’ve got Adam wrapped around their finger now.

Also made bold because he just got claimed, and the only thing he could do to get rid of Adam now is to let someone else take him, which he doesn’t have any intention of ever doing.

“You were a mouthy brat before,” Adam corrects, sitting back and dragging Tommy into his lap. “But get enough of my come into you and you settled right down. Gonna listen to me when I tell you to do something now?”

Tommy stretches languidly, more because he has a feeling that it’ll distract Adam than because he needs to. “Sure,” he says, smiling a little to himself, because that’s not really the way Alpha/sub relationships work.

He’ll roll over for Adam, but his cheetah is right – Adam is wrapped around his finger now, and that special treatment he got from Adam before is only going to get better – more petting, more cuddles, more awesome presents, and now awesome sex with someone who loves him.

He doesn’t realize he’s purring until Adam laughs and drags him into another kiss.
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Aug. 25th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
Re: FILLED! Belly Up 1/3
Hello, love your fic! Wish i knew who you are so i can read your other fic lol...anyway was just wondering if it would be ok for me to use the tommy/cheetah and possibly adam/wolf to do my own fic?
Re: FILLED! Belly Up 1/3 - (Anonymous) - Aug. 26th, 2010 07:06 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 8th, 2010 03:58 am (UTC)
Sequel: The Hard Way 1/5
Fair warning: this does kind of deviate from the original prompt, so. Yeah.

It turns out that having a fight with your significant other is a lot different when your significant other is also your Alpha.

That’s something that Tommy finds out the hard way.

It also turns out that trying to storm off when your significant other is a wolf and like, twice your size and strength doesn’t exactly work.

Also something Tommy finds out the hard way.

Fuck you,” Tommy snarls, hurling a book at Adam’s head with all of the strength he possesses.

Adam deflects it, of course, and it lands harmlessly on the floor. Tommy gropes along behind himself for another weapon, but he doesn’t feel anything useful and he sure as hell isn’t taking his eyes off of Adam long enough to look.

“Calm down,” Adam snaps, shoving the book away from him and circling the bed.

Tommy’s faster, though, and never in his life has he been so grateful for the fact that his cheetah likes to run. He’s across the room before Adam even finishes the move.

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do,” Tommy shouts. He doesn’t care who can hear him – he’s still pissed at the way Adam slung him over his shoulder and carried him up here for the entire world to see.

“I’ll tell you what to do any goddamn time I want,” Adam growls, and that tone of voice usually has Tommy’s cheetah rolling over for him, but even it’s in agreement with Tommy on this.

“I’m gonna fucking report your ass to Sub Services,” Tommy hisses, backing himself into a corner.

Adam laughs darkly and keeps coming. “Yeah? And what exactly are you gonna tell them, baby? That I made you get on your knees for me? That you liked it?”

“That you tried to make me suck your dick in front of five thousand people,” Tommy says, letting his claws extend, his nails sharpen. If Adam forces it, he’s gonna take a chunk of muscle out.

And if Adam’s lucky, it won’t be from his dick.

“Well, honey, it wasn’t abuse, and I was well within my rights as Alpha, so even if they wanted to do anything about it, they couldn’t,” Adam says. He’s stopped a few feet away from Tommy.

Technically, it’s true. According to the government, Adam could’ve actually made him get on his knees and suck his dick, and he’d still be within his rights as Alpha, crowd or no crowd.

But this is a line, and Adam’s crossed it.

“Don’t even, I swear, I will end you,” Tommy says, holding his hands up in front of him when Adam takes a step forward.

Adam stops obligingly, and he’s silent. Tommy knows that he’s trapped, and that if he tried to escape Adam could stop him without breaking a sweat, but there’s still that part of him that wants to give Tommy what he needs, so Tommy appeals to that, as incompetent as it makes him feel.

“Just. I can’t do this with you right now, okay? I need some time. Please.” He looks up at Adam pleadingly, and sees Adam waver. Tommy doesn’t know first hand, but Adam’s told him that his wolf pretty much has two sides – the one that wants to hold him down and give it to him until he screams, and the one that wants to cuddle him and kiss him and take care of him.

Tommy’s just hoping that the second is going to override the first.

“Please,” he repeated softly, letting his hands de-claw. It makes him a less imposing figure, makes him look sweet and innocent, and Adam’s human side likes that, so. It can’t hurt.

“Okay,” Adam says finally. He backs up and sits down on the bed, and then proceeds to stare at Tommy with creepy intensity.

Which. So not what Tommy meant. “Okay, no, one of us needs to go somewhere,” he says, and takes two steps towards the door.

Adam shoots up from the bed. “Yeah, no, not so much,” he says, eyes darting between Tommy and the door like he’s measuring the distance and trying to figure out if he can get there fast enough to stop Tommy if Tommy decides to make a break for it.

Which he can’t, but Tommy’s not gonna tell him that.

“Adam,” Tommy says sharply, rubbing a hand over his eyes. He’s tired and pissed off and Adam really isn’t making it any better.

“Oh no, don’t do that,” Adam says.
Sep. 8th, 2010 04:01 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: The Hard Way 2/5
“Do what?” Tommy demands. He’s pretty much dismissed all thoughts of fleeing – it’s not like Adam would let him go without a fight anyway.

“Say my name like I’m the bane of your existence,” Adam says. “I fucking hate it when you do that.”

Tommy huffs out an unamused breath. “Okay, three things. First: right now, you are the bane of my existence. Two: don’t even fucking start with me right now about things you hate. Three: you’re a dick.”

“Was that last one really necessary?” Adam asks.

“Yes. And stop staring at me like that, I’m not going to let you fuck me right now.”

Adam waves a hand in the air wildly. “I can’t help it! I can fucking smell you from here, alright, and you smell amazing right now, all angry and wound up.”

“What, and me being mad at you makes you want to put your dick in me?” Tommy asks. Adam’s eyebrows rise, but before he can answer Tommy holds up a hand and shakes his head. “Don’t answer that. Seriously, can you just go hang out with Neil or something? Please? For me?”

Adam shakes his head and sits back down. “Yeah, no, that’s really not happening. I’m not gonna leave you alone so you can run off or whatever. We’re both staying right here, in this room, where I can see you.”

“You know I could run off with you here, right?” Tommy asks, folding his arms over his chest.

“I know you could try,” Adam says. Tommy exhales loudly, angrily, and goes over and sits down hard in one of the armchairs.

Then he changes his mind and stands up, gesturing at Adam impatiently. Being the sub is always going to have its benefits, and this is one of them. “I get the bed. You can sleep on the floor or the chair, I don’t care.”

Adam gets up without even putting up a fight, and Tommy makes sure to leave plenty of space between them as he heads to the bed. The last thing he needs is to get grabbed and then end up getting fucked anyway.

Once he starts smelling like Adam it’s almost impossible to get Adam to pay attention to the conversation.

He settles onto the bed and puts his back to Adam, burrowing underneath the covers so that only his head is poking out.

After a few minutes of silence, there’s the sound of rustling coming from behind him, and then the sound of Adam’s jeans hitting the floor.

“You know if you wanted to you could break the bond and take off, right?” Adam asks quietly. “There’s nothing anyone could do to stop you, not even me.”

“I know,” Tommy says to the pillow. Tommy’s the one with the real power in the relationship, which is something that a lot of unbonded people don’t get – especially the fucking government, but that’s typical for those morons.

He’s not going to lie, breaking the bond wouldn’t be easy, but he wouldn’t even need his cheetah to be in agreement if he wanted to do it. It’s his choice. Adam may by his Alpha, but by nature Alphas tend to wrapped around their sub’s finger. On paper an Alpha may have control over a sub, but in practice it doesn’t really work out that way.

Well. Healthy Alpha/sub relationships, anyway. Sub Service is set up for the ones that aren’t healthy.

“Okay,” Adam says, and they’re quiet for a little bit longer.

Until Tommy mans up and finds the words to express himself properly. “It’s not my thing,” he says abruptly, still turned away from Adam.

Adam’s quiet. “Exhibitionism. It’s not my thing,” Tommy continues. His cheetah begs to differ – his cheetah had been ready to roll over and let Adam do whatever the hell he wanted – but Tommy isn’t listening to his cheetah right now. His cheetah’s gotten him into enough trouble lately.

“I just. I thought you knew that,” Tommy says.

He can feel the weight of Adam’s stare on his back. “Are you kidding me right now?” Adam asks incredulously. “Baby, you – every time I kiss you on stage you get so turned on you can barely breathe. I can smell it on you, what are you even talking about right now?”

“Are you calling me a liar?” Tommy demands, sitting up and shoving the covers down to his waist. Adam’s sitting in the chair in only his boxers, leaning forward.

“Well either you’re lying or you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adam says.
Sep. 8th, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: The Hard Way 3/5
Tommy looks away, gritting his teeth for a second. Fuck. Fuck. He should’ve known this conversation was going to go like this. Adam believes what he wants, and okay, yeah, Tommy might’ve smelled like he wanted it, but liking to be kissed in public is different from wanting to be shoved onto his knees and made to take a dick down his throat.

“You kissing me is different from you trying to shove your dick down my throat in public,” he says, trying to keep his temper under control. If he lets it get out of control he’s not gonna see Adam coming at him and Adam’s gonna be able to pin him in two seconds flat.

“Yeah, okay, that’s true, but you still smelled the same,” Adam says.

“It’s a boundary, okay? I don’t want the entire world to be able to watch me on my knees for you, okay? I don’t want my mother to be able to watch me on my knees for you,” Tommy snaps.

Adam’s silent for a minute. “Okay, I never thought about it like that,” he says eventually.

“I know,” Tommy says, looking back over at him. Adam’s slouched in the chair now, toes digging into the carpet, and his posture would normally reek of sex, but right now it doesn’t.

Which is good. It means he’s finally listening. “That’s why we have to talk about shit like this before you do it, alright? I mean, I know your wolf is fine with it, but do you really want your parents being linked to videos of you putting me on my knees on stage?” Tommy asks, lacing his fingers together in his lap.

Adam laughs softly. “Fuck, I hate it when you’re right.”

“Good. So you’re gonna ask me first from now on, right?” Tommy presses. Adam’s more or less already agreed, but he wants to hear the words out loud.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna ask you from now on,” Adam agrees, rolling his eyes.

“Okay. So we’re good now?”

Adam’s expression turns sly and thoughtful. “No, that I don’t know about,” he says casually.

“Why not?” Tommy asks, sighing. He has a feeling that he knows where this is going – his cheetah has strong opinions on where it should be going.

“Fights aren’t really over until someone submits, are they, baby?” Adam asks, getting up from the chair. Tommy scrambles out from underneath the covers and stands up on the middle of the mattress, ready to flee.

“And you think that’s going to be me?” he asks. Adam smiles at him, slow and sharp, and comes closer.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be you,” Adam says. Tommy takes a couple of steps towards the edge of the bed closest to the door.

Adam reaches for him at the same time that Tommy bolts for the door, and then it’s on. Tommy reaches the door at the same time that Adam’s weight crashes into his back, and he throws an elbow back, trying to get Adam in his side or something, get enough room to wiggle away.

He does, but Adam catches up to him again and trips him onto the bed, sending him sprawling face forward into the mattress.

It’s pretty much over, just like that, but Tommy thrashes anyway, trying to gain some leverage. It doesn’t work, obviously, because once Adam gets the upper hand he doesn’t let it go.

“Told you,” Adam says, sinking his teeth into the back of Tommy’s neck. Tommy shudders and does the only thing he can at this point – goes still. “Yeah,” Adam breathes, nudging Tommy’s shirt out of the way so he can get to his shoulder blades.

“Stop biting me,” Tommy grumbles into the pillow, trying not to arch away from Adam’s mouth. It hurts, but it’s not that bad, and if he tries to get away from it Adam’s just going to bite harder.

It’s a wolf thing. Tommy doesn’t really get it.

“Stop telling me what to do,” Adam says, scraping his teeth between Tommy’s shoulder blades. Tommy just sighs to himself and pillows his head on his arms. This could take a while.

And it does. Adam pushes Tommy’s shirt up and then spends the next ten minutes alternating between sucking bruises on Tommy’s skin and biting him. Tommy lies there and takes it, trying not to fidget too much.

Evidently that doesn’t work, though, because Adam’s weight lifts off of him after a while, and when he twists his head around, he sees Adam rooting through his bag for something. He emerges with a couple of belts in his hand and climbs back onto the bed.
Sep. 8th, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: The Hard Way 4/5
Tommy swallows and buries his face in the pillow while Adam loops one of them around his left wrist.

“Back or front?” Adam asks suddenly, pausing when he has Tommy’s wrist circled.

Tommy breathes in shallowly and considers. Front means being kept in the dark and not knowing what Adam’s going to do or when he’s going to do it, which Tommy likes and his cheetah is definitely in favour of.

But back means getting to see Adam, and back also means getting kissed, so. “Back,” he says to the pillow, and Adam flips him over fast enough that Tommy doesn’t quite know what’s going on until he’s staring up at the ceiling.

“Good choice,” Adam says, attaching Tommy’s wrists to the headboard easily. Tommy relaxes into it, mostly because his only other choice is staying tense for however long Adam decides to take, but also a little bit because his cheetah is naturally submissive, and being submissive to his Alpha is even more natural.

Adam kisses him then, hard and with the edge of teeth behind it. Tommy opens up, lets him sweep his tongue in. It’s borderline violent – no blood or anything, but Adam’s wolf is clearly still wound up about the fight.

Adam’s mouth leaves Tommy’s suddenly, trailing down his jaw, leaving a wet path down his throat, sliding across his skin, finally settling on his right nipple. He worries it between his teeth, tugging on it gently, and Tommy’s hands clench above his head. His mouth opens on a nearly silent moan, and for a second he wishes he hadn’t let Adam tie his hands up. He wants to touch.

But this is what Adam wants, so. He arches up into it, letting the sensation wash over him.

And Adam doesn’t stop until it hurts.

“I like how you think you don’t like it rough,” Adam says once he lets up, rubbing his thumb over Tommy’s cheekbone. Tommy twists his head away, scowling.

“I don’t,” he says. Adam makes an amused noise and unbuckles his belt, tugging his jeans down. Tommy lifts his hips helpfully, letting Adam peel them down, taking his boxers with them.

“You pretend you don’t,” Adam says. “But you’re not a very good actor, and your cock doesn’t lie.” He grabs Tommy’s dick for emphasis, and Tommy grits his teeth against the noises that want to come out. He doesn’t want to give Adam the satisfaction.

So of course he ends up moaning anyway, and Adam laughs at him. Tommy scowls some more. “You still wet from earlier?” Adam asks, ignoring Tommy’s scowl and tilting his hips up. Tommy doesn’t kick, just lets him probe in between his ass cheeks with warm fingers.

“You know you didn’t have to tie me up, right?” Tommy asks, rattling his wrists against the headboard. “I would’ve stayed where you put me.”

Adam doesn’t answer until he has three fingers deep in Tommy’s ass, stretching him out. He’s still wet and open from earlier, but that’s never made much of a difference to Adam. He’ll stretch Tommy when he wants to stretch him, and if he doesn’t then he doesn’t.

“If you ever stayed where I put you I wouldn’t have to tie you up,” Adam says eventually, pulling his fingers out. He wipes them on the inside of Tommy’s thigh, like he always does, and Tommy rolls his eyes. No matter how much he complains about that, Adam always does it.

“I stayed where you put me this morning,” Tommy points out, inhaling sharply when Adam fits his dick to the rim of Tommy’s hole and starts pushing in. It hurts a little – Adam’s dick matches the rest of him, and it’s not exactly like Tommy’s the biggest guy to start with.

It doesn’t hurt like the first time did, though, when Adam was so mad he fucked Tommy with spit as lube and almost no stretching.

“Jesus,” Tommy says, wiggling his fingers in the belts and staring up at the ceiling. It hurts, but the good? Yeah, the good’s definitely enough to outweigh the bad.

“Yeah,” Adam agrees, voice low, and Tommy knows that tone. He scrabbles to brace himself against the headboard as Adam slides both hands underneath his hips and starts fucking him.
Sep. 8th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel: The Hard Way 5/5
His thrusts are so hard he ends up slamming Tommy’s head into the headboard before Tommy can get a good grip, but that doesn’t stop him. He just keeps going, and Tommy manages to get his body into a comfortable position while he’s getting fucked – hands braced against the headboard, hips resting on Adam’s hands, legs wrapped around Adam’s back.

And then it gets good. He doesn’t know whether it’s because Adam’s been fucking guys for years, or because Adam’s his Alpha, or because it means that he doesn’t have to do any of the work and just let himself get taken care of, but sex with Adam has always been mind blowing, and this time is no different.

Adam also has an amazing ability to hit Tommy’s prostate on every stroke, so there’s constantly sparks going up and down his spine, and he kind of loses track of himself when he’s getting fucked.

It’s mindless pleasure, and Adam likes to talk during sex, so he has the sound of Adam’s voice licking into his brain at the same time as he’s getting fucked, and he can never really tell what the words are unless he concentrates, but they sound nice all the same.

He comes kind of abruptly. One minute he’s feeling good – all hard and fucked and sweaty, and the next he’s coming all over himself, not even a hand on his dick.

Adam groans and fucks him a little harder. He keeps nailing Tommy’s prostate, sending all these tiny little bolts of pleasure throughout his entire body, and part of him feels like he could come again like this, but that really isn’t happening.

It takes a couple more minutes for Adam to start coming, and by then Tommy’s feeling pretty loose and fucked out and still riding the high of his own pleasure, so he doesn’t really notice until Adam pulls out and he starts dripping come.

“You always gotta fuck me bare, don’t you?” Tommy grumbles, more to himself than anything, as Adam unbuckles his wrists.

“Yes,” Adam says, like it’s a perfectly reasonable response, and then rearranges Tommy, sticking him underneath the covers before disappearing into the bathroom.

Tommy rotates his wrists while he waits for Adam to come back with a cloth, rubbing absently at the red marks. It’s not the roughest sex they’ve ever had, not by a long shot, but sex with your Alpha tends to be rougher than sex with other people.

Something Tommy learned the hard way.

So it turns out that when you piss your Alpha off, he’s going to throw you over his shoulder and try to have his way with you, and there’s really nothing you can do to avoid being fucked.

But you can divert his attention, so he forgets what he’s pissed at you for, and then by the time he remembers he’s fucked all his energy out, so he has to let it go anyway.

Sometimes he takes it out on your ass later on, though. That’s something Tommy learned the hard way.

The fact that he likes being Adam’s sub isn’t something that Tommy learns the hard way.
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Sep. 19th, 2010 05:28 am (UTC)
Sequel to the Sequel: Consequences 1/11
First of all, thanks to everyone for the comments, they were amazing. Now, to address some of the things in the comments – I didn’t plan on writing the sequel or the sequel to the sequel, and both of them were actually inspired by the comments, so it’s possible that more may come out of this.

As for de-anoning, the only thing I have to say for that is that it’s a possibility. Once I actually figure out LJ cuts and all that other stuff, I might. So I guess just give it a while and if I do I’ll come back and leave a comment with a link. Until then, enjoy this next installment.

Adam wakes up slowly. Tommy can tell, partially because he knows that Adam usually wakes up slowly and partially because he can smell Adam coming out of his REM cycle.

He doesn’t have to wait long for Adam to try pulling his arms down, and the shiver of excitement that goes through him when Adam realizes he can’t is something that he has absolutely no control over.

“What?” Adam mumbles, opening his eyes and looking around the room. He tries pulling his wrists down again, and then his scent changes from sleepy to pissed in less than three seconds.

Tommy makes himself smaller instinctively, curling his legs underneath him on the chair despite the fact that he knows there’s no way that Adam’s getting out of those handcuffs, at least not without Tommy leaving him the key.

He swallows the whimper that wants to escape his throat when Adam’s eyes land on him and harden. “Tommy,” is all Adam says, but his tone, expectant and impatient, makes it clear that Tommy has about five seconds to start explaining or else the punishment’s gonna be severe.

Tommy doesn’t answer, despite his cheetah practically throwing itself at Adam with its belly exposed. His cheetah doesn’t understand why he’s doing this, and he really doesn’t have the time to try explaining again.

He unfolds himself from the chair and strips out of his pants and shirt on his way to the bed, leaving him naked and completely exposed to Adam’s eyes.

It’s a decent distraction. Adam’s eyes trail over his body, just like they always do, giving Tommy time to rip open the condom and let the packaging fall to the floor.

“No,” Adam says firmly, once he sees the condom in Tommy’s hand. They’ve never actually fucked with a condom, probably because Adam’s wolf is too possessive for that, but they’re about to find out for sure.

Tommy just ignores Adam’s protests and climbs onto the bed, settling onto his knees beside Adam’s hips. Adam’s already half hard, which Tommy’s grateful for. It means he has to do less work, which gives Adam less time to talk him out of this.

And it probably wouldn’t take very long to talk him out of it, at this point. Tommy’s cheetah doesn’t like this sudden shift in the power balance, which makes his human side uneasy. It’s a vicious cycle that he can’t stop.

He pushes past the fear, though. He’s been talking himself into it for the past three weeks, and he finally got up the guts to do it earlier today. It’s not like he can go back, either, not at this point, when Adam clearly knows what he’s planning to do.

He jerks Adam off for a minute, until he’s completely hard, ignoring the sound of Adam’s voice altogether, because if he listens he’s probably going to stop.

And he doesn’t want to stop.

Once Adam’s good and hard, he rolls the condom down, grateful for the way that his hand doesn’t shake. He opened himself up in the bathroom earlier with the door closed firmly, so Adam wouldn’t hear him and wake up.

So as soon as the condom’s down he straddles Adam’s hips, reaching behind him with hands that are suddenly shaking a little and lines them up.

“Tommy,” Adam says, more of a rasp than anything, and for some reason it catches Tommy’s attention, penetrating through the hazy fog Tommy’s seeing in his head when all of Adam’s orders couldn’t.

Tommy pauses, thighs shaking with the effort of holding him up like this. Adam swallows, and Tommy watches it absently. “If you do this there’s gonna be consequences,” Adam says quietly.

Tommy sinks down slowly in response.
Sep. 19th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel to the Sequel: Consequences 2/11
Adam’s wrists jerk, like he’s still trying to get them free, but Tommy really can’t pay attention to that, not when Adam’s dick is stretching him open, slow and inescapable.

When his ass settles on Adam’s hips, the whimper he’d been trying to keep in finally escapes, and just like that, Adam’s spurred into motion.

“Fuck,” Adam groans, and Tommy puts one hand onto Adam’s stomach while Adam drags his knees up until his feet are flat on the bed and starts thrusting.

Starts fucking Tommy. From the bottom.

Which really isn’t fair, and kind of defeats the purpose of this entire experience, but Tommy’s cheetah is overjoyed, and as much as he prides himself on not letting his cheetah control him, this is really, really good.

So Tommy braces himself and helps as much as possible, watching Adam’s expressions flit across his face through half lidded eyes.

It feels dreamier than their sex usually does, probably because Adam can’t get much leverage like this, so his thrusts are sharp and shallow, not getting as deep as he normally does.

At least, it feels dreamier until Adam starts talking.

“Gonna have to put you over my knee later,” he murmurs, pulling on the handcuffs again, but it’s absently this time, like he’s just testing to make sure they haven’t magically disappeared. “Teach you a lesson about respecting your Alpha.”

Tommy bites his lower lip and lets his eyes flutter close, riding Adam’s thrusts more than he’s riding Adam’s dick. He doesn’t have anything to say to that other than I do, but he doubts that would go over very well right now, so he doesn’t bother.

“Because you think you already do,” Adam continues like he can read Tommy’s mind, voice deepening to a growl, “but that’s just a pretty little lie you’ve been telling yourself, isn’t it baby? And I’m gonna show you how to properly respect your Alpha later.”

Tommy shivers, moving a little faster. This is not exactly what he’d been hoping for when he started this, but it’s close enough, so he grips his own dick at the base and starts jerking off.

His own hand feels good against his skin, and he jerks off very carefully. It’s been a while since he’s got himself off, so he takes his time with it, relearning all of the things he likes best.

He likes it slow, he remembers. Slow means there’s more sensation to enjoy, and normally he likes it with a little more lube than this, likes to make things a little slicker, but this is good too, hot friction on his dick sending little waves of pleasure down his spine.

He also really likes the scrape of his thumbnail just below the head of his dick, which he didn’t really remember until right now, and the sound it forces out of him is raw and surprised.

Adam’s answering sound is also raw, and he rams up into Tommy’s ass a little harder, trying and failing to gain more leverage. Tommy licks his lower lip and jerks off a little faster, matching the pace of Adam’s thrusts, and it only takes him another minute to start coming, heat building in the base of his spine and spilling out of his dick.

By the time he’s finished coming Adam’s still snapping his hips up viciously, the muscles in his arms working as he jerks at the handcuffs like he’s seriously trying to break them.

Tommy breaths out a soft sigh and leans forward to let Adam take his mouth. Adam attacks him with bruising kisses immediately, trying to get some control back. He mostly fails, because Tommy’s always heavier after he comes, but his thrusts become erratic quickly, and soon enough he starts coming.

Tommy can feel the pulsing of Adam’s cock in his ass, but with the condom it feels different. Not as slick. Not as hot.

Not as good.

He takes a minute to catch his breath before lifting up carefully, easing Adam’s cock out of him. Adam watches him with sleepy eyes, body gone lax now that he’s come.

“Gonna uncuff me now?” Adam murmurs. Tommy deals with the condom and then struggles into his jeans, trying to get his legs to work properly. Riding Adam used a lot more muscles than he thought it would.
Sep. 19th, 2010 05:35 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel to the Sequel: Consequences 3/11
He doesn’t answer Adam’s question until he’s fully dressed. “No,” he says, going back to the bed and arranging the sheet over Adam’s hips. He’s not going for artful, but when he steps back he’s got to admit that it is.

He looks his fill and then heads to the door. “Tommy,” Adam says sharply, pulling out his best Alpha voice. Tommy curls his fingers into his palms and resists the urge to go back.

“I’m gonna get someone to come unlock you in a minute,” Tommy says, yanking the door open and scrambling out before Adam can reply.

He can feel Adam’s anger all the way down the hall.

His phone goes off in his pocket twenty three times in the three hour drive on the bus. He doesn’t answer any of the calls. He doesn’t want to be yelled at for letting Taylor be the one to walk in on Adam naked, handcuffed to the headboard, with the room reeking of sex.

It’s kind of a funny picture, though, at least in his head.

He manages to avoid Adam right up until sound check, courtesy of being smart enough to get on the band bus and not on Adam’s, but afterwards Adam grabs him before he can make a break for it.

Adam doesn’t say anything, just drags Tommy down the hall to his dressing room in silence. Tommy follows dociley, wrist held tight in Adam’s grip. His cheetah is ready to roll over just from Adam’s grip on him, and his human side isn’t far behind, so he just gives in for the moment, lets Adam sweep him along.

The hall feels endless, and by the time they finally get to their destination, Tommy’s hard. Adam is, too, if his scent is any indication.

Tommy opens his mouth to explain as the door clicks shut behind them, but Adam’s already slamming him face first against the wall. He whimpers and closes his eyes while Adam grabs both of his wrists in one big hand and holds them behind him.

His jeans pool around his feet with his boxers and Adam’s free hand strokes in the valley in between Tommy’s ass cheeks before taking hold of Tommy’s cock.

Tommy moans into the wall in front of him, dick jerking from Adam’s touch, and then the hand’s gone. Adam’s weight leaves his back, and Tommy’s left blinking stupidly at the flaking paint.

He doesn’t even feel the cock ring at first.

“You’re gonna keep that on, baby,” Adam says, turning him around and tipping Tommy’s head up. Tommy looks up at him and then glances down his own body, looking at the ring nestled around his cock and balls.

His hand drifts down and touches it on its own accord, feeling the coolness of the plastic contrasting with the heat of his cock. “Adam,” he says shakily, looking back up. Adam kisses him, both hands framing Tommy’s face, and it’s bizarrely gentle, at odds with the anger Tommy can still smell radiating off of him.

“Consequences,” Adam reminds him, kissing him one more time before pulling his jeans back up for him. He pats Tommy’s ass once and sends him on his way.

Tommy starts the show hard, and by the time Fever rolls around that hasn’t changed. He steps up onto the first step and faces the audience, waiting for Adam to come down.

He doesn’t have to wait long, and he nuzzles right into him, not even bothering to wait for Adam to reach for him. His cheetah is begging for some contact – ideally the kind that involves being wrapped up by Adam and kept warm and safe and loved.

And Adam gives it to him in spades. He stops on the step above Tommy and wraps an arm around his shoulders, so Tommy leans back and closes his eyes a little, watching the crowd scream while Adam finishes his line.

Then Adam steps onto Tommy’s level, arm sliding around to his back, and suddenly they’re kissing, open-mouthed and wet and shockingly intense.

Adam misses the entire next verse, and by the time he finally pulls away Tommy’s gone from hard to about to come despite the cock ring.

But the look Adam’s giving him makes it pretty clear that the punishment’s gonna be severe if he does, so he stumbles back into his spot and somehow manages to get himself under control.

He spends the rest of the show practically radiating sex pheromones despite his attempts to control himself, and it makes Adam stalk him around the stage, never letting him out of his eyesight.
Sep. 19th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: Sequel to the Sequel: Consequences 4/11
There’s also the grinding incident, which Tommy can’t think about for too long or else it makes his heart beat triple.

By the time they get off stage, Tommy’s practically floating on a cloud of endorphins. He lets Adam guide him to his dressing room, stumbling every so often because he keeps trying to look behind him at Adam’s face.

He blinks and they’re inside, and he’s being laid out on the couch and stripped of his clothes. Adam’s weight is crushing him into the cushions a second later, and they’re kissing again while Adam’s putting lube slick fingers inside him, stretching him out.

It isn’t until Adam’s been fucking him for a while that Tommy realizes that this is his punishment.

He’s not going to get to come. That’s what the cock ring means. Adam’s gonna use him and put him away wet, and that’s going to be the end of it.

The realization is probably more shocking than it should be. Aside from that first time, Adam’s almost made it his mission to make Tommy come before him every single time. Being the sub to Adam’s Alpha has meant that the sex is mainly about Tommy’s pleasure, because Adam will get off on knowing he’s getting Tommy off.

But this time is all about Adam, and he makes sure that Tommy’s aware of it. His thrusts are much harder than they usually are, which is saying something, because he’s never really gentle. He’s never treated Tommy like he’s fragile in bed, but this is a whole new level.

This isn’t even what Tommy would call pleasure. This is what Tommy would call pain, and yeah, okay, maybe Adam was right about him liking it rough, because he’s still hard. But in his defense, his cheetah is hardwired to respond to Adam’s wolf taking control like this, so it’s not really his fault.

He could probably still get there, probably still come even with the cock ring on, and for a minute he even thinks that he might, but the smell of Adam’s displeasure overpowers it, and he comes down from the edge relatively quickly.

It kind of hurts, coming down from the edge. His body is ready to come, but his mind’s not gonna let that happen without Adam’s permission, and he definitely doesn’t have that. He has to grab onto his cheetah in order to get the strength to back down, but he manages.

He’s really fucking proud of himself for it, too, which Adam must pick up on it, because he croons, “good, good boy,” at Tommy. And yeah, that is a little unnecessary, but there’s no sting in it.

Relationships between weres are different from relationships between non-weres, and Tommy’s been in this particular relationship long enough to know that Adam means it as a compliment, not as an insult, so he takes it as one.

Adam bites down on the hollow of Tommy’s throat and starts coming, and it’s as good as it was every other time they’ve done it bare. Tommy can feel the slick pulses of Adam’s cock, buried deep in his ass, and the scent is so much better when there’s no latex barrier between them.

Adam doesn’t pull out for a couple minutes, giving them time to catch their breath.

And just like always, Tommy’s breathing pattern slows down to match Adam’s post-sex drowsiness.

“Three days for the condom,” Adam says once they’re curled up as best they can on the tiny couch. “Four for the handcuffs. A week total.”

For a second, Tommy honestly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Until he realizes that he’s still wearing the cock ring. He’s still mostly hard, although a lot of his enthusiasm has died down.

He can’t believe he actually forgot about it.

“A week?” he asks, more to himself than anything. He hasn’t gone a week without coming since he started coming. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to do it.

“A week,” Adam agrees. “Once you’re calm I’m gonna take this off,” he swipes the pad of his thumb over the plastic of the ring, “and then you’re gonna control yourself the rest of the time.”

“Control myself?” Tommy asks, and this time he’s asking Adam, because he really doesn’t think he can do that.

Adam’s expression is unyielding, though. “Control yourself. And I’m gonna know if you don’t, you know that, right baby?”

Tommy nods dumbly, because of course he knows, but he’s not really processing anything other than a week without coming.
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Dec. 21st, 2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
Another Part: Cat Naps 1/6
So. This kind of got stuck about half way through, so I don't know how good it is, but here it is anyway.

So Tommy can sleep just about anywhere, right? It’s probably one of the best parts of his were essentially being a cat, that innate ability to fit himself into weird places and curl up to pass out.

The problem is that Adam can’t. That wouldn’t really be a problem, except for the fact that Adam’s sleep schedule is synched to Tommy’s because of the bond, and Adam’s been running himself ragged, doing tour stuff that the rest of them don’t have to do.

Tommy never really thought it’d be a problem – his sleeping pattern has never really been in synch with someone else’s before, at least not since he was just a kitten and attached to his mom, so it just never occurred to him.

He can still catch naps here and there, whenever Adam’s far enough away that he can’t feel Adam’s emotions clouding his own, but lately they’ve both been on the verge of passing out on stage.

And Tommy’s tried talking to him about it, he really has. Unfortunately, whenever Tommy says ‘I’m worried about you’ Adam just brushes it off.

Tommy thinks it has something to do with his Alpha-ness, with him putting Tommy’s well-being above his own, but he doesn’t really know for sure.

He does know that when Adam gets exhausted he gets impatient and brusque with everyone, including Tommy, and that shit isn’t going to fly for much longer. As much as people love Adam, no one’s gonna take being yelled at for one cord being out of place much longer.

Especially Tommy.

It takes some sneaky maneuvering to get Neil in on his plan.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Neil demands, shoving Tommy back with one hand.

Tommy settles back onto his side of the couch and shrugs. “Nothing,” he says innocently.

He’s learned that the innocent routine works on most Alphas, even if they don’t happen to be your Alpha, and Neil’s no exception to the rule, as much as he likes to tell himself he is.

Half an hour later, he’s managed to insert himself under Neil’s arm, mostly without Neil even noticing.

“You know Adam’s gonna kill you if he sees you like that, right?” Monte says as he passes them, on his way to the front of the bus.

Neil jerks so hard he almost knocks Tommy off the couch. “Okay, what do you want?” he demands.

Tommy smiles.

“How did you manage this?” Adam asks, dropping both their bags onto the floor and letting the door swing closed behind him.

Tommy heads straight to the bed and throws himself down onto it, inhaling the scent of fabric softener. “It wasn’t that hard,” he says, muffled by the pillow. He rolls onto his back and toes his shoes off, kicking them onto the floor.

Adam laughs softly and surveys the room, looking around like he’s the king of the castle. Tommy rolls his eyes and holds his arms out. Figures he has to do all the work here. “C’mere,” he says.

Adam makes his way to the side of the bed and leans over Tommy just long enough to kiss him briefly before straightening up. “I said come here,” Tommy says, tugging Adam’s arm.

“Yeah, I heard you,” Adam says. “I’m still waiting for a reason, though. Everyone’s gonna check out the pool in a few minutes, there’s really no point in lying down.”

“Not everyone,” Tommy says. “But if you want a reason I figured that you could fuck me real quick and then we could sleep for about fourteen hours.”

Adam swallows. “Or we could do that,” he agrees.

Phase one of the plan complete.

“Are you actually trying to get me to turn into a sloth or is there something going on that you’re not telling me?” Adam asks, combing his fingers through Tommy’s hair.

Tommy scoffs. “Sloths only move when it’s necessary. I think you moved more than that over the past few hours.”

“Tommy,” Adam says, using his don’t fuck with me, I’m your Alpha voice. Tommy shrugs and rolls over a little more, burying his face in Adam’s shoulder.

“You just need a break, is all, so I arranged one for you.”

The muscles in Adam’s arm go tense under his cheek. “Baby,” Adam starts, and he’s obviously keeping his voice in check, because it’s way too even for the emotions Tommy can smell coming off of him.
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