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Glam Kink Revised Rules

Welcome to glam_kink - read the rules, jump in, and have fun! The current round is located HERE.

Your moderators are sulwen, ragingrainbow, and the_minx_17.

1. This is a Glam Rock RPF meme. That includes anyone and everyone in Adam Lambert's ever-widening circle of family, friends, partners, and coworkers. Please make sure at least one person in your prompt fits this description. The list includes, but is not restricted to:

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Tommy Joe Ratliff
Sauli Koskinen
Brad Bell
Drake Labry
Monte Pittman
Isaac Carpenter
Longineu Parsons
Camila Grey
Ashley Dzerigian
Terrence Spencer
Sasha Mallory
Taylor Green
Brooke Wendle
Cassidy Haley
Sutan Amrull
Allison Iraheta
Neil Lambert

2. Crossovers of any variety are welcome, including both real people and fictional characters. We love to see original characters as well!

3. All pairings and groupings are welcome: slash, femmeslash, het, threesomes, moresomes, solo, etc.

4. Fills should be at least 100 words, but may be as long as you like otherwise.

5. Fills should be posted as a comment in reply to the original prompt. You may post fills either directly on the meme or as a link to your personal journal or archive.

6. Fills should have a title (“Untitled” is ok) and should say in the subject line: “Filled: (your title).”

7. One prompt per comment. Please put the requested pairing and kink in the subject line in order to help our archivists, like so: “Adam/Kris, exhibitionism.”

8. Though we do have kink in our name, we define that word very loosely. We welcome anything from the hardcore to the fluffy, including gen.

9. All kinks are welcome here. Any judgment of kinks will not be tolerated.

10. Do not copy prompts for the sake of changing the pairing or kink. Similar prompts are ok – word for word copies are not.

11. If you have a problem with anything on the meme, do NOT comment directly. Contact a mod instead. We are all very active and involved with this community, and will be happy to listen to your concerns and take the appropriate action. This is the “don't act like a mod if you're not one” rule.

12. Be respectful and polite toward mods, members, prompts, fills, and comments. This is the “don't be a dick” rule.

13. You are welcome to post anonymously or not, whichever you prefer. However, as of right now, all anonymous comments will be screened until approved by a mod. This means that there may be a slight delay between the posting of an anon comment and it appearing on the meme. It also means that anon comments will no longer appear in email notifications – they must be viewed on the meme itself. We would much rather leave screening off, but we have made a joint decision that it's worth the downside in order to sustain a happy, safe, friendly community. This status may change in the future. Again, we have a very active and attentive mod team, so there shouldn't be much of a wait. Anon screening is currently OFF, with the option reserved to turn it on again as needed.

14. All prompts and fills are archived at with many thanks to ragingrainbow! If you are looking for a specific pairing or kink, or if you would like to see all the fills without going through every page of the meme, be sure to check it out.

15. If you would like to leave a comment on a fill (authors love comments!), make sure you reply to that comment and not to the whole post, like so:

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