Sulwen (sulwen) wrote in glam_kink,

Mod Post - Please Read

I've seen this issue come up a few times, and I want to address it right now before it happens again.

Three simple things:

- "Your kink is not my kink." Write it on your forehead if you need to, but remember it. I will NOT tolerate the judging of other people's kinks. You wanna do that, go off and start a judgement meme.

- Though we do have "kink" in our name, we have a VERY loose definition of that word. Your "kink" might be handholding. Or sweet talking. Or the fluffiest fluff ever fluffed. If you need to, think of this community as a "prompt meme" instead. There are PLENTY of hardcore fills on the meme, and if you want more, prompt more. Or write your own. You always have that option, too.

- The last one is a positive one! I'm SO pleased at how active our little meme is, really! This has been a greater success than we ever anticipated, and that's due to you guys and the effort you put toward prompting, commenting, and filling. I particularly love that we see fills to older prompts on a pretty regular basis. This community is a good place for everyone, and overall it's been nothing but one big happy porny lovefest. Let's keep it that way!

Feel free to leave comments on this post. I'll be happy to answer questions or take suggestions.

- Sulwen
Tags: !mod
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